Liberty County elections commission takes no action on terminating jailed administrator

Klint Bush

A two-hour executive session by the Liberty County Elections Commission late Tuesday resulted in no action being taken by the five-person commission board to remove Klint Bush, jailed since Feb. 16, as the county’s elections administrator. The commission was asked to consider the options of reinstating or terminating Bush, and/or selecting an appointment of a temporary elections administrator. As each of the agenda items were read aloud by County Judge Jay Knight, the Commission sat silently as the seconds ticked by.

Creating a visual metaphor, Knight pulled out a minute-glass and flipped it over, and then watched as the sand passed through the opening and fell from one chamber to the next. Everyone in attendance watched to see if one of the Commission members would make a motion, but that never came to pass.

Five supporters of Bush begged the Commission not to terminate him as they believe he will be proven not guilty of the charges against him. Bush was first arrested on Dec. 8, 2022, on charges of Abuse of Official Capacity and Theft of Property, following an investigation by the Texas Rangers and the Office of Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The charges stem from his service as the former chairman of the Liberty County Housing Authority.

After his initial arrest, Bush was released on bond, and bond conditions were set that prevented him from having any contact with current and former LCHA board members who served with him. That bond was revoked on Feb. 16 by Judge Cain after three witnesses testified that Bush had violated his original bond conditions by continuing to have communications in person, by text and on the phone with a former member of the Housing Authority, with whom he reportedly was having an intimate personal relationship.

Bush’s mom, Kim, said that terminating him as elections administrator would create a scenario that would force him to violate another of his bond conditions – financially supporting his wife and their three kids.

“The grand jury is set to meet on March 27. I respectfully ask for suspension with pay until the grand jury meets,” said his mom.

Bush’s father, Stephen, said that while it was proven that bond violations were committed, his son was suffering from depression at the time and not making appropriate decisions. After a 10-day stay in a mental health facility, he is better, said Stephen.

Bush’s wife, Shayla, who has remained faithfully by his side, brought up instances where his service to the County went beyond his job description as elections administrator. She said he helped an elderly woman with no family to replace her hot water heater. On another occasion, he hand-delivered a ballot to an elderly woman after her ballots were lost in the mail despite tracking them. On another occasion, Bush tried to prevent a squabble between two elected officials by providing them storage boxes from his office. He also helped the people who live in the Dayton Lake Estates community by providing direction to them when their water service was threatened.

“None of this is under my husband’s job description as elections administrator. As all of you know in county government, he often was called upon to resolve disputes and help people who were not under anyone else’s jurisdiction,” she said. “It’s unfortunate that the circumstances of the last 90 days are robbing this county of a solid public servant. He answers his phones at all hours of the day and night. He takes on problems that are not his own, simply because he can do something about it. Even in jail, he is making the place better. He already got the AC fixed for the inmates by circulating a petition and referring to the inmate handbook. He obtained a job as the librarian and is seeking donations to help the inmates. He is leading a nightly Bible study and helping to dissolve little issues before they become big problems. Because this is the kind of man Klint is – someone always willing to serve others even in the midst of his deepest despair.”

The victory for Bush and his supporters may be short-lived as Liberty County Commissioners Court will meet Wednesday afternoon to discuss his employment.

Bluebonnet News will attend the Commissioners Court meeting Wednesday and post details afterward.


  1. Val, Rethink your comment for Bush to never change. He’s sleeping around with a Married woman, disregarding the courts orders and being paid while in Jail. The man is a crook and I hope Liberty county doesn’t sweep this under the rug Wednesday because a lot of People are watching.

  2. You can’t make this stuff up, 10 days of therapy and he’s good, he’s gotten the AC fixed for the inmates . What a Joke, Another 30 days behind Bars and he’ll be Preaching.

    • He already has. My husband is in jail with him and actually had the audacity to give him marriage advice. And just a correction Shayla: KLINT WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO GOT THE AC FIXED. My husband was sick and started asking the guards and I’m positive EVERYONE signed the paper that any inmate with a issue signs. Usually it’s just one inmate with one complaint but all the inmates had the complaint so they all signed it. It wasn’t a petition. Quit making Klint to be right for the job. He should be terminated because instead of coming clean with what he did, he made a bigger mess. Let someone else fill the spot that wouldn’t do that! It puts a bad rep on Liberty County and especially if they kept him on. Innocent until proven guilty: yes, but in his type of position, there shouldn’t of ever been a situation where he would have to prove his innocence. And he isn’t the only one who leads the nightly prayer meeting. They take turns and were doing it before Mr. Bush got off suicide watch. I try to stay to myself and not comment on these but I refuse to let the public believe he is some Godsend to the jail. The guard didn’t pull Mr bush out to discuss any issue with it BTW. It was once again, my husband. Maybe your husband has gained a little bit of a issue with telling the truth it seems. But whatever. It’s your lie. It’s however you want to tell it.

      • “My husband is in jail with him”

        You remind me of my retarded sister. Her name is Heather.

  3. This is an extremely complicated issue. It’s easy, too easy, to cast stones at Klint as the evil county official and cheater on his wife and family, but investigators with the Texas Rangers have not apparently provided sufficient evidence to indict – the grand jury will determine that. Further, Klint’s wife, family, and colleagues have not abandoned or rejected him, nor have many friends of whom I am proud to be one.

    Noticeably, the County Election Commission, to whom Klint officially reports, took no action while under the duress of Judge Knight’s demand for a decision. Taking no action was their decision. Now, Commissioners Court will meet today. What will they do? What’s the rush? The Grand Jury meets in less than two weeks. Let the process work and resolve the issue.

    I’m hoping and praying Klint will be No Billed and can resume his life as an effective and honest public servant, an honest and fair Election Administrator, and a dear friend.

    Ron Blake
    Democratic Chair
    Voting Precinct 1
    City of Liberty

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