Double homicide under investigation in Colony Ridge communities

The bodies of two young men – believed to be teenagers – were found shot to death in a vehicle off of CR 5260 at CR 5200 in the Santa Fe subdivision in the Colony Ridge community south of Plum Grove.

According to Capt. David Meyers, a spokesperson for the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, around 3 p.m. Saturday, April 8, the bodies were found 50-60 feet from a row of group mailboxes in the community.

A person checking their mail reportedly noticed a parked blue Honda sedan with two teenagers believed to be resting in the vehicle. When the person approached the vehicle, they noticed that both males were dead from gunshot wounds.

Pct. 6 Justice of the Peace Ralph Fuller was called to the scene to conduct an inquest and order an autopsy. The bodies will be taken to Beaumont for autopsy later this evening.

Meyers said the identities of the two males are still unknown. He expects that the autopsy will reveal their identities as well as provide information about the number of times they were shot and what weapon was used to commit the murders.

Both victims are Hispanic, Meyers said.

Texas Ranger Joseph Dreaden is assisting LCSO with the investigation.

When asked if the deaths could be gang related, Meyers said investigators are considering that in their investigation.

An update will be posted as soon as more information is available.


  1. This is what happens when county officials continue to allow Colony Ridge and Trey Harris to keep building, despite the known fact that these developments market to a demographic that gravitates toward criminal activity. It has become clear that these developments pose an imminent risk to public safety, yet are allowed to continue expansion. Here near King’s Colony in Montgomery county, we can’t even let our kids out of our sight for fear of them being snatched. It’s a crime ridden hell hole.
    I guess we are just supposed to accept it, because they are people rich in culture and just here to better themselves. Uh huh…

  2. There are some hard working good folks in this subdivision too. All we want is to live our lives and be left alone .We don’t bother anyone or want to be bothered .

    • Exactly, sad to see so much hate in this world, may these two teenagers rest in peace 🕊️ and may God give their parents, family and friends the strength to overcome these losses, they were too young 🥺

    • So sorry for your loss 😞, so sad they went to my son’s school Santa Fe Middle School, they were so young didn’t deserve to die that way…may they be resting in peace 🕊️🙏

      • I didn’t know these two young men .My family sends our love to their parents .I am sorry fir your loss .May God Bless yall. We live in the subdivision and have for over two years . We all might not speak Spanish but most all wave at each other when we see neighbors out .

    • So sorry for your loss 😔🙏 may your friend rest in peace 🕊️, can’t imagine the pain his family is feeling, I have a son his age…

  3. Very sad this happened! I believe in people that come into our country for a better life and do it legal. It’s sad that there is so much hate today.

    And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.
    1 John 4:7-8 ESV

    Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.
    1 John 3:13 ESV

    God bless these families and friends! Praying 🙏🏻

  4. Ehh…. figures. Trey and John Harris have brought such a wonderful culture and community to the Plum Grove area, who would’ve thunk this could happen? Again! SMH! 😐

  5. No consequences for criminals anymore, Criminals are beginning to feel emboldened by these senseless heinous acts.

  6. This is why our area needs more patrol officers and we need them to actually show up and take care of the issue. They wait until it’s too late then wonder how bad things happen.

    We have called multiple times for a drive by and our neighbors firing off guns(not 1 or 2 shots, I’m talking about 30 to 40 plus) sheriff never showed up. These ppl are known for doing illegal stuff and time and time again aren’t even ticketed or given a citation for anything. Kinda makes you think if they are being paid off to turn a blind eye but who knows🤷🏼‍♀️

    We don’t let our children play outside of our gated property unless we are outside with them.

  7. Thanks to all you Democrats who voted to keep the illegal invasion going. County officials are a big reason for this. Vote them out.

    • Not everyone is illegal! Its these kinds of comments that keep the racism going. The world is no longer a united front. What happened to kindness and respect to others. The world has really gone under and these criminals that kill and do despicable things are the problem not what race you are. The hate and anger in alot of people has overgrown so much that they no longer have a steady mind to function in humanity and THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

  8. To everyone complaining “OMG there’s so much hate”…

    You’re right. We hate it that our once nice community is a crime ridden crap hole now. We hate that we can’t have peace from all the inconsiderate taco benders blasting music and shooting guns all night. We hate that our kids are in danger of being raped, kidnapped, or worse.

    News flash- all this is new to our area- and it came with a certain demographic in the last 12 years. You want to be welcomed here? Then break the stereotype. You want respect? Then earn it.

  9. Yeah Pedro is right .They got caught lacking.If they out they gotta keep that heat on them too to fire back and they didn’t.They shouldnt claim what they are not.RIP do
    #DontLackInTheStreets =0

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