Hardin Methodist Church invites community to three-day revival

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Hardin Methodist Church is excited to announce a three-day revival event, June 18-20. The entire community is invited to attend, but the event may be of particular interest to Methodists, with a focus on the teachings of John Wesley. 

Wesley was one of the most devout and productive Christians who ever lived. After his conversion on Aldersgate Street in London on May 24, 1738, he focused all his abilities toward changing the world for Christ. John Wesley organized the Methodists to be an island of Scriptural Christianity in a sea of worldly compromise. For his efforts he received continuous opposition, personal assaults and persecution, from both within the church and outside. He remained undaunted. Wesley’s amazing story is our heritage. Sadly, few Methodists remember it. The United Methodist Church is disintegrating, primarily because many of its leaders have abandoned Wesley’s beliefs, disciplines, and values. You do not have to disintegrate with it. In every adversity is opportunity. God grows beautiful new life out of old ruin.  

In June 2006, after 34 years as a local pastor, Tom Fuller was appointed to travel full-time to tell Wesley’s story toward the goal of reforming the church around authentic Wesleyan principles. He will describe how the Methodist Church in America grew for 230 years, and then started declining. He will analyze why, and describe how your church can return to a pattern of health and growth. Tom tells Wesley’s thrilling story — his life and the balanced, biblical beliefs, which Wesley said true Methodists would always hold.  

Tom brings The Amazing John Wesley generally in revival format. He will preach Sunday, June 18, during the morning service at 10:55 am, then tell Wesley’s story Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 7 pm. Tom utilizes music, dramatic stories, and lots of humor to hold interest.  

Dr. Tom Fuller was a pastor for more than 30 years in the Northwest Texas Conference. In 2006 his bishop appointed him General Evangelist, and he began traveling and teaching full-time about John Wesley. He spent several years writing the curriculum, The Amazing John Wesley, to inspire and inform Methodists of their thrilling heritage.  

Recently Tom was accepted as an ordained elder in the Global Methodist Church. He still teaches in both United Methodist and Global Methodist churches. He holds a Master of Theology degree from Perkins School of Theology, SMU, and a Doctor of Ministry degree in Church Growth from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Tom has preached, taught or sung across America, as well as in Great Britain, Poland, and India. 

For more information, contact the church at 936-298-2342, or find us on Facebook or hardinmethodist.com. The church is located at 1005 FM 834 W., Liberty. Hardin Methodist is a Global Methodist Church. 

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