New plate program to identify livestock owners going into effect Oct. 15 in Liberty County

Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader has announced that effective Oct. 15, 2023, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Livestock Division will be issuing identification plates for persons who own livestock that are pastured in Liberty County. 

Following the example of other counties, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office will issue a plate like those on vehicles, that will be displayed on the livestock owner’s gate. The plate will contain the livestock owner’s contact information. 

“This will help the deputy quickly locate the owner when they respond to a call that reports that livestock are loose. In many cases the deputy will go door to door trying to find out who the owner may be. Waking people up at 2-3 a.m., when the cattle are not theirs, does not make people smile!” said Sheriff Rader.

Livestock owners may go to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Livestock Division website, download the forms, complete them, and turn them in to Lela Holley in the County Annex in Cleveland. A number will be assigned to each livestock owner. 

There will be no cost for the first plate that is issued to each livestock owner.  If the livestock owner has different locations and wants a plate to post on the additional properties, there will be a $10 charge for each additional plate.

“Hopefully, this program will speed up the notification process when cattle are roaming free and are a threat to motorists.  It may also help to reduce the damage to other people’s property when the owner is notified quicker,” Rader said.

If you have any questions about this program, call Lela Holley at 281-593-8440.

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  1. I call BS . It’s not a “program” to help cattle owners, it’s a government program to suck more money out of the public plain and simple. Damnit, sounds like the Democrats are making a lot of headway in liberty county.

    • There’s one here that his cows got out and damaged some of our property. Told my wife the SO said we had to build a fence to keep his cows off our property. No that’s wrong, the owner of the cows has to keep them fenced up. Unless they changed the law you could pen and feed them,tell the owner or SO where they were. The owner had to pay you for feeding them.

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