Liberty County Prayer March taking place this Saturday

Representing a community of believers in Liberty County, local pastors and Christians came together on Saturday, Oct. 1, for the third annual Liberty County Prayer March. (File photo)

This Saturday, Oct. 7, residents of Liberty County will gather together for the Fourth Annual Liberty County Prayer March. This march has become a cherished tradition in the community, uniting individuals from all walks of life for a moment of reflection, hope, and solidarity through their shared faith in Christ.

The prayer march will begin at noon at the Vara Faye Martin Daniel pavilion next to Liberty City Hall and will continue at the Liberty County Courthouse, which is adjacent to the city pavilion.

From there, marchers will continue on by foot to First United Methodist Church, First Baptist Church and Immaculate Conception Church before returning to the pavilion. Different prayers will be offered along the way by pastors throughout the county.

The event will start with the blowing of a shofar horn, followed by a call to prayer given by Pastor Tim Gruver with Heights Baptist Church in Liberty. His prayers will focus on passages from Deuteronomy Chapters 5, 6 and 9.

The late Dwight Pruitt of Dayton, a city councilman and pastor of St. Miles Baptist Church in Ames, will be represented at the march by his family. Pruitt was instrumental in the prayer marches since their inception three years ago.

The Liberty High School Choir, under the direction of Christie Bean, will perform, along with Karla Burris and Appointed by Grace.

If you plan to attend, please do not wear any political attire as this is meant to be a prayer march for all. You should also bring water and a lawn chair, if needed.

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