FBI warns of heightened threat of attacks within US, overseas

The FBI is continuing to monitor threats associated with the Israel-HAMAS conflict in the United States and overseas. As the conflict continues, the FBI has seen an increase in reports of threats against Jewish, Muslim, and Arab communities and institutions, raising concerns that violent extremists and lone offenders motivated by or reacting to ongoing events could target these communities. 

“We take all potential threats seriously and are working closely with our law enforcement partners to determine their credibility, share information, and take appropriate investigative action. As we are communicating with our law enforcement partners, faith communities, and others, the Public Service Announcement linked below is being released by the FBI and DHS to the American public to help protect our communities,” the announcement reads.

While there are no specific information that foreign adversaries are plotting attacks against the homeland, the FBI and DHS say that some are seeking to take advantage of the conflict, calling for violence in furtherance of their respective goals.

On Oct. 13, al-Qaida media called for support to HAMAS through attacks against American bases, airports, battleships, and embassies in predominantly Muslim countries. On Oct. 19, an ISIS media posting urged followers to “target the Jewish presence all over the world…especially Jewish neighborhoods in America and Europe,” and specifically encouraged attacks on Jewish temples, nightclubs, and economic interests and against “Jewish and Crusader” embassies. Iranian media outlets have issued and/or amplified various types of mis- and dis-information online about the conflict in ways that risk deepening resentment and evoking strong emotional responses among English-speaking audiences.

These outlets are utilizing verifiably doctored or mislabeled images and video footage, inaccurate translations, and misleading content about the conflict with the apparent intent to stoke passions, accelerate the process of radicalization, and lead individuals to engage in targeted violence.

Americans should continue being vigilant and report anything or anyone they consider suspicious to law enforcement or their local FBI office. In the Houston area, the office is located at 1 Justice Park Drive and can be reached by calling 713-693-5000. The Houston FBI office covers 40 counties in Southeast Texas.

Tips can also be submitted to tips.fbi.gov or 1-800-CALL FBI.

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