Driver charged with Intoxicated Manslaughter in crash that killed Anahuac man

Iler, Colton Scott

A Baytown man, Colton Scott Iler, 25, is charged in a fatal crash that took place around 8:42 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 14, at the intersection of CR 133 and FM 563 south of Liberty.

According to Sgt. Rob Willoughby, supervisor for the Liberty County DPS office, Iler was southbound on FM 563 and traveling at a high rate of speed in a 2018 GMC pickup truck when he attempted to pass a 2019 Chevrolet Equinox, driven by 75-year-old John Lee Godfrey, of Anahuac.

Godfrey, who was also driving southbound, was attempting to make a left-hand turn into a driveway when Iler’s vehicle struck the driver’s side, killing Godfrey instantly.

During the investigation, it was reportedly determined that Iler was driving under the influence. He was arrested and charged with Intoxicated Manslaughter and Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon. Iler is being held in the Liberty County Jail on bonds totaling $55,000.

Both Godfrey and Iler were traveling alone at the time of the crash.

The investigation is being overseen by Trooper William Koen. Sgt. Willoughby and Troopers Adam Rose and Joseph Dennis-Burse also responded.


  1. A 55k Dollar Bond for intoxicated manslaughter. Four guys around the same age arrested in Dayton on robbery charges have 500k Dollar bonds as of last week. All were wrong for what they did, but the Dollar amounts doesn’t add up

  2. I agree with you, all were wrong, “But the Dollar amount doesn’t add up” the charges and the sentence never does. It looks to me that in this area we are suffering for the same reason ISRAEL is.
    like someone has lit a stick of dynamite with the words that have civil disruption on it. prayer is very much needed in our country and cities .

  3. My heart hurts for all the young men that are throwing their lives away because of carelessness. This young man seems to be in shock he doesn’t realize what he has done . two lives are gone! merciful GOD have mercy !

  4. In time, I think the charges will add up to many years of incarceration, regardless of the bond amount. Intoxication, Felon in Possession, Wreckless Driving. Man, that is 30-40 plus years of lockup, but more than that, a lifetime of the bad choices he made in causing a life he has to think of the rest of his life. Rest In Peace Bo Godfrey

    • He was charged with Unlawfully Carrying not Felony Possession of a Firearm. The Unlawfully Carrying stems from him being under the influence.

  5. I have zero sympathy for druck drivers. My life was destroyed due to a druck driver. I was hit so hard that my legs, back and hips where broken & my girlfriend was instantly decapitated…. Drunk driver that hit us ended up doing a pea deal with 5yr sentence.. In 3yrs he was released and living life to the fullest while I live with the nightmare of the whole thing…

  6. His intent came with knowing he was drunk and got behind the wheel to drive. Everyone that knew he was drunk should be held accountable. They charge the bar tenders. One life is no better than the next. But there is a Final Judge. Rip. Cousin

  7. This guy gets a low bond and gets another chance to drive drunk and kill someone else. We don’t need Judges like this in Liberty County or the entire United States

  8. Colton made a horrible mistake and it cost someone his life, yes. But he is a good kid, or now he’s a young man but he’s my little cousin. I’ve known him his entire life and he’s never done anything to hurt anyone and would give the shirt off his back to someone who needed it. He works, he pays his bills and taxes and does the right thing 99% of the time other than this one incident. He’s going to feel guilt and remorse for this event for the rest of his life. He’s never been in trouble with the law before now, and has been through quite a bit these last few years. Keep your judgemental crap to yourself all of you people trying to imply that the death penalty is the appropriate punishment for something like this because it’s not. If he made it a habit to drink and drive and kill people, that would be different but he hasn’t so hopefully he learns from this tragedy and makes better decisions in the future. He doesn’t deserve to spend his life in prison though. I don’t care who agrees.

    • Baby who cares about all of that. Life in prison or the death penalty would be just fine with me because my daddy was minding his own business and had the front tires in the business parking lot he was turning into. YOUR COUSIN passed a truck with a trailer on it going over 80 when he decides to try and pass my daddy on the left side and not the right side. Which honestly he should have tried to pass him at all. He should have wait for him to turn like any other person should have done. Then he had the nerves to try and lie and say it was my daddy fault. (He came up on my dad so fast he didn’t even have a chance to move out the way if he wanted to.) Without the witness and cameras they knew that your cousin was lying. Then he had the nerves to walk around like nothing never happened he didn’t even go and check to see if my dad was dead or alive. But your cousin walked away without a scratch on him. Your grown ass cousin was drunk af and he had a choice to make and chose to get his drunk ass be hind the wheel of that druck and drive like a bat out of hell. his stupid decision not only hurt us but the whole town of Anahuac. So you can miss me with the bs you talking about.

  9. As a truck driver I can tell you that I have seen more than my share of left hand turn accidents. Most people never look behind them to see if someone is coming. Judgement isn’t my job here. The media tells us he was drunk but is that actually true. Maybe his alcohol level was above the legal limit or maybe he was falling down drunk. Not for me to decide unless I’m on his jury. Loss of life is a very serious matter. Fairness in all matters needs to be considered here. If you sprout off at the mouth without knowing all the facts then you are a special kind of person.

  10. Well that was my father and he didn’t deserve to have his life taken from us at all and I don’t care about nothing you talking about because he knew he was drunk and couldn’t handle driving at all he should of called someone to come and get him so YES he do DESERVE to go to jail for a very very very long time so he can’t be on the streets drunk driving again and take someone else life and he didn’t learn nothing from this so you can STOP the lies now!!!

  11. All of you are going to be biased because the deceased man is your family, and I’ll be biased because Colton is my family. I’m not going to argue with anyone about it. All I have to say is I’m sorry for your loss, and I hate that it happened to both families. Colton is a good kid though so I don’t think you can justly make him out to be a monster for this if you don’t know anything about him otherwise.

  12. Where you there Alexis? Did u see all the open and full can of beer he had. Hell he could have killed the person in the truck he passed up going well over 80 before he hit and killed him. I think being a drunk runs in the family. His mama walked her drunk ass down there and had the nerves to think shit was funny. Family or not i feel the same way about every drunk drive that have took someones life or almost took someones life. If he was such a good kid the why didn’t he own up to his dumb ass decision? He tried to make himself the victim so you can miss me with the bs. Hell your cousin graduated with my niece how do you think she feels knowing that someone she was cool with took her grandfather’s life. Being a good kid doesn’t justify his stupidity. so you can really go right to hell with your cousin ma’am. If u didn’t want a reply you should have kept your thoughts in your head because baby i have nothing but time to go back and forth with you. I don’t know what you was going to happen miss mamas.

  13. Ok let’s be real, only one life was destroyed JOHN ‘BO’ GODGREY❤️❤️❤️🦋.
    Only one family, his wife his children his grandchildren his siblings his friends and community of Anahuac and surrounding areas people that knew and loves BO, I know I did.
    Now, let’s talk about a good man who really would give the shirt of his back, that would help anyone, that worked and paid taxes, that was never in any trouble…that’s BO
    BO was minding his own business driving to meet with his wife, he wasn’t drinking, he wasn’t drunk, more that he was not thinking he would be hit and killed Tuesday by a driver driving at a high rate of speed, let alone possibly driving drunk. I guarantee BO wasn’t thinking Tuesday would be the day he would die, if so I know he would have made time to say goodbye to all who he loves.
    Senselessly Colton made that choice impossible for BO, Colton didn’t make a mistake, he made a choice. Mistakes are things you can change, death is permanent and now BO’s family has to prepare themselves to say goodbye to the man of their life. Colton‘s family they can see him if he has it with him. They can comfort him and even try to tell him everything’s good that he’ll be OK but BO’s family will have to visit him at the cemetery. So if you think BO’s family and friends a bias you’re damn right we are.
    You say Colton is a good kid. I’m pretty sure he had a cell phone he could’ve called someone instead he chose to drink to drive to Kill. No matter how much remorse Colton will show it will never equal up to how BO’s love ones hurts. It doesn’t matter how old a person is while they’re driving and they’re hit by a drunk driver. When it’s your love, one age doesn’t matter because the old man didn’t cause his own death. I just hope everyone keep John Godfrey‘s family in their prayers because this is devastating and I know they’re hurting.🦋

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