Cleveland ISD names this week’s Star Students

Southside Elementary

Avalyn Penry: (Pre-K) Avalyn is a great role model. She is kind to others and helps out with hesitation. – B. Capo

Marcel Fuentes: (Pre-K) Marcel is a very well-mannered young man. He always tries his best and is ready to help others. – B. Capo

Andrew Porter: (1st grade) Andrew is very kind, helpful and hardworking. I am so happy he is in my class. – K. Gunnell

Bryan Gutierrez: (2nd grade) Bryan is a very dedicated student. He likes reading and writing. – J. Martinez

Marjorie Cruz: (2nd grade) Marjorie is a wonderful student. She shows up prepared each day and is ready to learn. She is also very helpful to others. – M. McPhee

Dylan Corleto: (2nd grade) Dylan is a good student. He is a great helper and has made a lot of improvement. – M. McPhee

Yarethzy Chiquito Navarro: (2nd grade) Yarethzy is a hardworking young lady. She is very helpful and always comes prepared. M. McPhee

Ruben Castenada: (2nd grade) Ruben is a hard worker and has made much improvement. I am happy to have him in my class. – M. McPhee

Angel Castillo: (3rd grade) Angel is a star student for his Wonderful manners and never fails to show kindness to his teacher and friends. – D. G. Armitage

Bogar Meza: (4th grade) We are super proud of Bogar for going above and beyond his goals for his common assessments. – K. Eakin

Melanie Lorenzo: (4th grade) Melanie had been a great help for a new student in our classroom. She is helping him with the assignments, and to get used to the classroom’s routines. I really appreciate how hard she is working to help her classmate. – N. Caraballo

Northside Elementary

Briella Banegas: (1st grade) Briella is a wonderful student. She is always on task and following directions. In her spare time, she loves to read. I am very proud of her. – R. Castruita

Dylan Oropeza: (1st grade) Dylan is a star student for completing tasks in class and using manners. – K. Knowlton

Grace Williams: (2nd grade) Grace is a very hardworking, dedicated, and compassionate student. She is a joy to have in class. Thank you, Grace. – T. Blackburn

Leah Dominy: (2nd grade) Leah has come into the classroom ready to learn and with a great attitude, she is very much appreciated and we are so excited for her to join our class. – T. Blackburn

Annemarie Baker: (3rd grade) Annemarie is an awesome student. She has a huge heart and always wants to help in the classroom. She works extremely hard every day. Annemarie is such a sweet friend, we love having her in our classroom this year. – D. Bashor

Lanie Hiser: (3rd grade) Lanie is an exceptional role model for her peers. She works extremely hard inside and outside of the classroom. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things Lanie accomplishes. She is such a delight to have in class this year. – D. Bashor

Rubi Lamas-Martinez: (3rd grade) Rubi is always helpful to her classmates and teachers. She has also started taking time to help her younger sibling with AR time. – H. Porter

Maylin Reynoso: (4th grade) Maylin is a wonderful student. She is always trying her best and helping others. I love having her in my class. – B. Ellenberger

Janell Arango: (4th grade) We are super proud of Janell for staying focused and working so hard in class. Keep up the good work. – C. Denby

Danny Pope: (5th grade) Danny is a very well-mannered and caring student. He is an inspiration to those around him. – B. Smith

Eastside Elementary

Oliver Clingaman: (Kinder) Ollie has been showing determination. He is working hard. – B. Rodriguez

LaMarcus Williams: (2nd grade) LaMarcus had a great attitude for Ms. Gunn’s substitute. He followed directions, he was respectful, and did all of his work. Good job being a role model, LaMarcus. – J. Huffmeister

Kate Castellanos: (2nd grade) Kate was kind enough to read a book to another student from Ms. Houston’s class. – R. Goffney

Cleveland Middle School

Cruz Robles: (6th grade) I am so proud of Cruz and the immense growth he has demonstrated this school year. He works extremely hard and is always willing to help others. Way to go, Cruz. – S. Rivas

Marco Campos: (6th grade) Marco is such a good helper and works very hard in my class. – E. Skarke

Alejandra Sanchez: (6th grade) Alejandra is an amazing Science student. She is also participating in Destination Imagination. – P. Opp

Ariana Herren: (6th grade) Ariana is a star student because she works hard in class and is always willing to help. – S. Karash

Aaliyah Jackson: (6th grade) Aaliyah is a star student because she always works hard and participates in class. – S. Karash

Bryce Seifert: (6th grade) Bryce is a well-behaved, hardworking student who makes teaching a pleasure. – A. Worsham

Jabari Waller: (6th grade) Jabari works hard and gives his very best effort. He’s a polite, respectful student who I enjoy teaching. – A. Worsham

Gabriel Edwards: (6th grade) Gabriel is a well-behaved, hardworking student and an absolute joy to teach. – A. Worsham

Jenna Weatherford: (6th grade) Jenna never gives up. She always works hard and she is appreciated. She always has the best attitude. – A. Diosdado

Cidney Armstrong: (7th grade) Cidney has a positive attitude about learning, and always comes to class ready to work. She puts effort towards making sure she completely understands the lessons. Thanks for being awesome, Cidney. – J. Conkle

Natalie Alvarez: (7th grade) Natalie volunteers daily in the classroom. She makes sure the class is always prepared and makes my life easier. Thanks for being awesome, Natalie. – J. Conkle

Joseph Paige: (7th grade) Joseph has been a big help during class. He always wants to help and is extremely focused during band class. Keep up the great work, Joseph. – A. Woodard

Rogelio Arteaga: (7th grade) Rogelio is a model student who always accomplishes his goals in my class and always works hard. – C. Gordon

Henry Perez: (7th grade) Henry works extremely hard in class. He is well-mannered and willing to help anyone who needs it. – A. Beeman

Maryuri J Solano Melgar: (8th grade) Maryuri has an excellent attitude and is a very hardworking eighth-grade Science student. – B. Buchanan

Evelin Sanchez Fernando: (8th grade) Evelin has been very kind a welcoming to a new student that has joined our CMS family. Without asking, she just pulled the student in her group and showed and explained to the student how we use our Tap & Think strategies when analyzing (reading) a passage. As well, she is a hardworking student herself. – C. Landry

Jose Rizo Barron: (8th grade) Jose comes into class with a positive attitude every day and is always attentive towards his work and goals. Keep up the great work in class. – B. Bigham

Alyssa Besarra: (8th grade) Alyssa always is very respectful and works hard in class every day. – A. Schimmel

Cleveland High School

Eric White: (9th grade) Eric models our motto of being service oriented and positive in all his activities on campus. We are CHS Proud of Eric and his efforts. – Dr. G. Barnes

Kyjuan Rushing: (9th grade) I have Kyjuan 1st period and he makes sure to wake everyone up. He comes into class bursting with positive energy and motivation. – D. Quezada

Candice Tarvar: (9th grade) Candice is outgoing, responsible, and attentive. I enjoy having her as a student and an athlete. – L. Raska

Diego Torres: (9th grade) Diego is helpful and always has a positive attitude. – I. Eichenlaub

Tryce Miller: (9th grade) Tryce is a joy to have in class. He brings a great energy into class 8th period, every single day, without fail and makes learning fun. He contributes to class discussions and never fails to make a great connection between what we are working on and real life, helping his fellow classmates to be able to relate to what we are studying, leading them to being more successful in and out of class. Great job, Tryce. – C. Hutchinson

Mallory Rose. (10th grade) Mallory, or “Mallort” affectionately, is a wonderful student. Always attentive and productive, she brightens the world around her. Her honesty and grit make her stand out as a shining star who will make the world a better place. – J. Wallace

Tonantzin Arias Medina: (10th grade) Tonantzin is a star student because of the excellent work in my class, great writer and exemplary student. – M. Norman

Stephan Hughey: (10th grade) Stephen models our motto of being service oriented and positive in all his activities on campus. We are CHS Proud of Stephan and his efforts. – Dr. G. Barnes

Dereck Burr: (10th grade) Dereck has shown great perseverance the last couple weeks while working with me. He should be commended for holding strong until the end. – D. Elmore

Skylar Seifert: (10th grade) Skylar is an amazing young woman who is an advocate for what she needs. She is very well spoken and comes in advance to ask me for the tools she needs for success. I am so impressed by her. – V. Nall

Jennifer Elizalde: (10th grade) Jennifer is an outstanding student. She works extreme hard and is always so nice and polite. She is definitely a star student and an asset to CHS and the Royal Braves Band. – K. Jones

Juan Salas: (11th grade) Juan is a strong leader in the Athletic Training program. He is eager to learn about injuries and treatments and is quick to catch on. Working long hours during the Girls Soccer tournament, Juan was instrumental in providing care

for the team. He is always willing to go the extra mile for our athletes. Thank you for being a great asset to our program Juan. – A. Baleztena

Oriana Valdez: (11th grade) Oriana comes to class every day prepared to learn. She is always on task and always gives 200 percent on each and every assignment. She is polite and focused and is a joy to have in class and a great role model for her fellow classmates. – C. Hutchinson

Genevieve Quintero: (11th grade) Genevieve is excelling in the Athletic Training program. She works hard taking care of the Girls Soccer team and always does so with a smile and a kind word. During the soccer tournament Genevieve worked long hours in the cold weather going above and beyond for the well-being of our athletes. Thank you for your dedication, Genevieve. – A. Baleztena

Tammy Houston: (11th grade) Tammy is such a joy to see every day in the halls. She always stops by and asks me how I’m doing and wishes me a great day. Keep smiling and spreading joy, Tammy. – K. Pollock

Royalty Withers: (11th grade) Royalty is a very positive student in my class as well as on the basketball court. She makes sure everyone is on top of their game. – L. Raska

Luis Luna Hernandez: (12th grade) Luis is the most awesome office worker we have in the counseling department. He goes above and beyond what is expected of him. He always is smiling and has a great attitude. I enjoy him being in the office. Keep up the great work, Luis. – J. Youngblood

Edgar Aleman: (12th grade) Edgar has shown tremendous improvement since his freshman year. He is consistently in class and working hard so he can graduate. Keep up the good work, Edgar. I’m proud of you. – K. Pollock

Moises Rodriguez: (12th grade) Moises has been showing up to Reading class each and every single day, with his book in hand, ready to read. He is on his second book in two weeks and is setting the bar high for the rest of the students in my class. Great job, Moises. – C. Hutchinson

Noel Limon: (12th grade) Noel is one of our student aides in the counseling department. He very respectful and always willing to go the extra mile without hesitation. He doesn’t wait for one of us when a student needs help, he just jumps in and does it. He is a great asset to the counseling department. – V. Nall

Angelina Grover: (12th grade) Angelina is the sweetest, most pleasant student. She always has a smile on her face even if she is having a not so good day. She always comes by the office and says hello and she works really hard at being the best she can be. I have enjoyed getting to know her this year and look forward to hearing about her future success. – J. Youngblood

Jessica Cordova: (12th grade) Jessica has been doing an amazing job in class, helping to support critical class discussions and providing great insight with her literary analysis last week and this week. Way to go, Jessica. Great job. 🙂 – C. Hutchinson

Sam Loera: (12th grade) Sam has been one of the sweetest students we’ve had. She’s always willing to help and she’s always very respectful and polite. I always look forward to seeing Sam every day. She’s awesome. – F. Narragon

Douglass Learning Academy

Alicia Villegas: (10th grade) Alicia is a star student because she has completed four courses in one week. Way to go, Alicia. – J. Fritts

Enrique Aguirre: (11th grade) Enrique is great student my Welding class. He has good attendance and comes every day to class with a good attitude and a willingness to work hard at learning the skill of welding. Enrique is very respectful and works well with other students. – T. Jones

Sara Castanos: (11th grade) Sara is bright young lady. She is diligently working on her IPC course. She is making good progress. DLA is pleased to have her as a student. – D. Seagraves

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