Simonson seeking reelection to Liberty City Council

Since 2011, Libby Simonson has served the citizens of Liberty by holding a seat on city council. She is seeking reelection to her seat in the May 4 election.

“I feel that overall, I have represented the citizens well and have voted for the betterment and improvements for the City of Liberty,” Simonson said. “Infrastructure is difficult and cannot be corrected overnight. It is a very time-consuming, slow and expensive process. We are doing our utmost best to work on the infrastructure to improve our city.”

Significant rain events over the last few years in Southeast Texas have caused some setbacks, but the city will continue to push forward, she said.

“I know the utility bills are a constant issue. First and foremost, understand that your utility bill is for all services – water, sewer, garbage and electric. Yes, there is a fuel surcharge, and yes, every electrical provider charges a fuel surcharge. They may call it something else – TDU charge, assessments, etc. – but it is a fuel surcharge,” Simonson said. “When comparing our total rate per KWH to other electric providers, we are competitive. You also have to take into consideration that the electric fees also help support our city budget.”

Simonson is proud that the city has kept its tax rate steady for years and council works to create budgets that keep the tax rate flat.

“Unfortunately, in order to do that, we must give up some things,” she said.

Simonson asks that voters in the city of Liberty remember her when they go to the polls for the May 4 election.

“I am ready and willing to discuss any of these issues any time with anyone. Feel free to reach out to me. I ask for your continued support and vote as I will be honored and privileged to continue my service on city council,” she said.

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