Herrington picked as second assistant city manager for Liberty

The City of Liberty's management team includes (left to right) Assistant City Manager Naomi Herrington, City Manager Tom Warner and Assistant City Manager Chris Jarmon. Herrington handles human resources, utility billing, the municipal court, purchasing, accounts payable and IT. Jarmon is in charge of public works, code enforcement, inspections and economic development. Warner is in charge of both assistant city managers and manages the police and fire departments, among many other duties.

By Vanesa Brashier, editor@bluebonnetnews.com

Naomi Herrington is the new assistant city manager for the City of Liberty. Herrington, who has worked as the city’s finance director for a number of years, will continue to oversee the finance department while also supervising human resources, utility billing and cash collection, the municipal court, purchasing, accounts payable and Internet Technology.

With Herrington’s appointment, the city now has a three-person management team that includes City Manager Tom Warner and Assistant City Manager Chris Jarmon. Jarmon oversees public works, inspections, code enforcement and economic development.

Until April 2019, when Jarmon was announced as an assistant city manager, Liberty was the last of the three principle cities in Liberty County – Dayton, Cleveland and Liberty – that was functioning with only a city manager.

Warner is confident in his selection of Herrington and says he now has the team he needs to lead the city into the future.

“I think it was a good choice. Naomi has been with the city a number of years and does an excellent job. This was a good opportunity for her. She is taking on more responsibilities and I have no doubt that she will handle them,” Warner said.

The selection was timely as budget season is getting underway.

Herrington joined the City of Liberty nearly 28 years ago, first working as a secretary for the Solid Waste Department. When the city’s landfill closed, Herrington was moved to the payroll department and later transitioned into accounts payable with then-finance director and city secretary Bruce Mintz.

“When Bruce left, he encouraged me to apply and he recommended me for the job,” she said.

A natural with numbers, Herrington says overseeing the city’s finances comes easy to her. She credits the city for the on-the-job training that has allowed her skills to grow, making her qualified to be an assistant city manager.

“I love working for the City of Liberty. Tom is a great city manager and truly wants to better the city,” she said.

Herrington and her husband, Quinten, and their two daughters, Kayla and Sarah, make their homes in Liberty. Though Herrington grew up in Baytown, she fell in love with the city after her marriage to Quinten, who grew up in Kenefick.

“I love how Liberty feels connected. It’s still a small town. You know everybody, and if you don’t know them, then you know their children or family members,” she said. “I love being part of this town.”

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