Maci Feed Store in Hardin to get new owners

Connie Campbell (left) is selling Maci Feed Store in Hardin to Bill and Tammie Wingfield of Moss Hill. The sale should be final within the next 30 days.

By Vanesa Brashier,

A Hardin mainstay – Maci Feed Store – will soon have new owners. After 32 years as owner, Connie Campbell is selling the business to Moss Hill residents Bill and Tammie Wingfield.

“Right now we are operating on a handshake agreement. We should have all of the final paperwork done within the next 30 days,” said Campbell. “They are going to continue, in most ways, the same way it’s always been.”

While she will soon no longer own the business, Campbell said customers can still expect to see her waiting on them behind the counter.

“I will still be here working, isn’t that right?” she jokingly said to the Wingfields.

The Wingfields say they wouldn’t have it any other way. They believe Campbell is tied to the success of the business, though her daily burden as owner will be lifted.

“If Connie gets to work just 40 hours a week, she will feel like she is on a vacation,” Tammie said.

Tammie will handle the day-to-day operation of the store while Bill continues operating his construction business, helping out when he is available. The Wingfields are keeping the store’s small-town charm but also have some expansions and new merchandise planned for the coming months.

Customers who frequent Maci Feed will notice some improvements already being made by the Wingfields. Potholes in the parking lot are now paved, a new air conditioning system keeps customers cool inside the store, fans have been added to the grain barn to keep workers cool and feed fresh, and the old bulk grain bins are being removed.

Maci Feed Store will continue to be a sponsor of local fairs, 4-H and FFA, they say.

“We are going to continue hosting our fair booth. Bill and Tammie are already very involved with TVE,” Campbell said. “They aren’t going to change the name of the store. That will remain Maci Feed, but you are not going to believe the wonderful changes and improvements that are coming.”

According to Campbell, the sale of the property came about rather quickly after she was approached by the Wingfields. She believes they were divinely-inspired to seek her out about the store purchase.

“I think they were sent by God. Every roadblock that has appeared, as they always do, it’s like God cleared it,” she said.

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