Taylor named LCSO employee of the month for December 2019

LCSO Sgt. Kenneth Taylor was picked as the Employee of the Month for December 2019.

At the December Liberty County Sheriff’s Office general meeting, Sgt. Kenneth Taylor was named the Employee of the Month for December 2019.

In the letters of recommendation for Taylor, his positive aspects were pointed out, such as him being an exceptional leader, a problem solver and a true mentor to the younger deputies as well as senior deputies.

His almost 27 years of law enforcement experience, pointed out by the entire night patrol shift he supervises, have given him natural supervisory abilities.

Taylor credits two mentors from his early days as an officer that he admired then now: Cleveland Chief of Police Darrel Broussard and Tomball Chief of Police Billy Tidwell. In their own way, each motivated, taught and directed Taylor to constantly improve his law enforcement skills.

Taylor holds his two mentors in such high esteem that he would find any comparison between himself and them to be a compliment. Through his work and life, he tries to exemplify the same integrity and honor he feels they display.

Taylor graduated from the Houston Community College Police Academy in June of 1993, spending several years with Dayton Police Department and later as a lieutenant with Liberty Police Department. For the past five years, he has been with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and holds a Masters Classification rating with the Texas Commission On Law Enforcement. During all this time, he has amassed well over 5,000 hours of various police classes and has become an instructor in several areas.

When pressed for what was his most memorable case over all these past years, he recalls a murder case while working for the Liberty Police Department that took place on Christmas Day. He stayed awake for over 37 hours while he worked on the case and finally arresting the suspect responsible for the murder.

His favorite past time is raising sheep and he describes himself as a “farmer” when off-duty. Married with an adult son and grandchildren, spending time with his family is his main off-duty focus.

As the letter of recommendation pointed out, Taylor always goes above and beyond the call of duty on any assignment or call for service, which is why he was picked to be the LCSO Employee of the Month for December 2019.

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