James Alexander Hurley

James Alexander Hurley, born in Cleveland, Texas, on Sept. 18, 2007, passed away at his home in West Yellowstone, Montana on Feb. 3, 2020.

He is survived by his Mom, Alicia Davis, and Stepdad, Jesse Richardson, his brother, Austin Cameron, his grandparents, Earnest Davis and Tammy Davis, his grandparents, Winnie Cameron and Donald Cameron, and many more uncles, aunts and cousins who loved him dearly. He was preceded in death by his Dad, Tommy Tate. A memorial service will be held at a future date. 

He died in Montana and his mom will be bringing his ashes back to Cleveland. The memorial service will be at Cornerstone Church of Cleveland, Texas, but date is not known yet. His body is being held for investigation purposes so there is no funeral home yet.


    • Have to say, when I first saw this story on Fox News this morning and looked at that little James Alexander Hurley and read the story, my eyes welled up and I exclaimed to the screen over and over, I am so sorry, so sorry what happened to you! You just ache inside what he suffered, laying there dying through the night in pain – makes you wish you had been there to protect him and take those blows for him. He had his whole life ahead of him.

    • You have no idea what happened I knew this little boy personally for you to say that is so disrespectful she tried getting him she was hidden and kept tortured and beaten so know the story

  1. Justin Thyme sir this is not time or place be putting such disrespect up on here.
    Please allow family to grieve .This is my family
    we need pray for them.

  2. I’m so sorry for your tragic loss , and I pray justice is served! This heartbreaking I have a 12 year old he is my lifeline ,my baby and cannot imagine how painfully difficult this is after already enduring the loss of his father as well. This breaks my heart, I don’t understand why these tragedies happen its hard not to ask why such a young life was took ,but how God will use this to his glory so James Alexander Hurley will not be forgotten, that’s what I will pray for this family #justiceforJAH♡

  3. We did not know James, but our hearts are broken knowing of your loss. His sweet smile is what I will choose to remember! Our community is at a loss for words, but we want you to know, we hold his memory in our hearts and many are grieving for him with you!

  4. She didn’t give two craps about her son! When his father was paralyzed in a accident (in 2014) 3 months later she wanted nothing to do with either one of them!! He killed himself she has never had any contact with him!! So horribly sad!!

    • It’s irrelevant what his relationship with his mother was like. These comments are to show love and for and to give condolences to the family. Show some class if you’re able to show any . Angel

    • How do you know the family? This is profoundly disturbing how many ppl failed this child. My parents are the only ppl I trust with my children, I cannot imagine this. I hope everyone’s heart heals

  5. I am so angry after reading about this case. I pray he is in a better place right now and hope the disturbed sub-humans who did that to him get the maximum punishment. I can’t wrap my head around it still, how can anyone do that to another humanbeing, yet alone a kid!!. may he rest in peace and be vindicated.

  6. I was abused and starved as a child by a terrible mother and no father. When I see James in the afterlife I will hold him close and love him as my own son. He is not forgotten.

    As for his relatives…WTF is wrong with you people??? If you have any shred of purpose and decency in this life you’ll create a foundation focused on child abuse/family healing to honor James Alex Hurley.

    I go to Yellowstone every year for personal healing…now I will include the tourist shit hole of W. Yellowstone (which I never liked cuz its an underdeveloped haven of white trash) in my journeys. I will simply stand in front of the town hall to quietly remember James for 12 minutes.

    W. Yellowstone….get a damn grip on yourself and clean up the place. Take a lesson from Banff, Estes Park, Sevierville, Saratoga Springs…all gateways to amazing parks. You’re like the Juarez on the border of something great. It’s no wonder you attract less desirables…look at yourself. Cut the Republican conservative crap and care more about your future. Invest in your families, education, and in your town planning to improve the lives of all. I blame all of you for James’ death. It takes a village.

    • wow…”…you’re like the Juarez on the border of something great…”, while you talk about “Republican conservative crap.” Sounds like pretty hypocritical racist segregationist BS to me. You don’t live in MT and you have no idea what their community is like – there are good people there and it’s not their fault that bad people move in to take advantage of the tourism and remoteness. As for your words of anger to the family – who are you?? You use the online obituary page for your political rant? You think you have authority to chastise them because of what happened to you, which is very sad and I sympathize with you, but your obvious anger and bitterness is misplaced. What have YOU done to stop child abuse and heal families? Check yourself, oh High-and Mighty One.

  7. I’m so sorry! This is so heartbreaking. I pray he is in the arms of our Heavenly Father basking in his love and feeling no pain. I pray his soul is free and that demons who tortured him live in hell for all eternity.

  8. Unreal! 300Lb cow called himself a grandfather. Biggest coward imaginable. Try picking on someone your own size you low life! I hope you meet your match in prison and rot in hell along with your son and wife.

  9. I didn’t know you but when I look at your smile I see Tommy Tate and Patience Tate….I wish I could of been there for you ..show you love and kindness..and Patience would of loved to have met her half brother…those sorry excuses for human beings ALL of you who looked the other way while your family abused you and tortured you..the animals who used their hands to hurt you ..may you all feel Gods rath…and may you Alex sit safe and joyful beside your daddy and God…Forever Remembered

  10. I feel that these negative comments should be kept to yourselves. This is about a child who was starved and beaten to death by his grandparents! No matter the type of relationship the mother of any other family members may or may not have had with him at least they did not injure him. Really people think about the emotional state of his family,HAVE RESPECT!

  11. If tears could build a stairway
    and memories were a lane
    we would walk right up to heaven
    and bring you back again.
    No farewell words were spoken,
    no time to say good-bye,
    you were gone before we new it,
    only GOD knows why.
    Our hearts ache in sadness,
    and many tears still flow,
    what it meant to lose you,
    no one will ever know.
    Since you will never be forgotten,
    we promise you today,
    a place within our hearts,
    you will always stay!

  12. I am a family member also. Alex I can see your dad Tommy holding you in his arms and smiling. God said suffer little children come unto me and I will give you rest. You will never suffer or be hungry again. Your dad has you now. I have a video of you singing when you were about maybe 6 years old. You sing with the angels now. My heart hurts for you with all my love aunt Becky ❤️

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