Pay fines now to avoid warrant roundup coming to Cleveland on March 7

Time is running out to pay overdue fines to the City of Cleveland. Cleveland Municipal Court and Cleveland Police Department have teamed up with more than 300 jurisdictions across Texas in the 2020 Great Texas Warrant Roundup,” which officially begins on March 7, 2020.

The roundup is designed to target thousands of defendants with traffic, parking, city ordinance, penal code and higher charge warrants. It is believed to be the largest joint operation of its kind.

Hundreds of thousands of notices were recently mailed statewide by participating entities to individuals with outstanding warrants. Persons with outstanding warrants should contact the appropriate jurisdiction during the next two weeks to dispose of their cases voluntarily. Failure to take care of the warrants may result in an embarrassing arrest at their home or place of business in front of family members, friends and co-workers.

Defendants with outstanding warrants have previously been reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety and will not be allowed to renew a driver’s license until all warrants are cleared.

During the weeks of February 24 through March 6, 2020, Cleveland Municipal Court’s judge will allow an amnesty program. Defendants will be allowed to appear in court, without the threat of being arrested, pay 50 percent of the total amount of their outstanding warrants and the warrants will be inactivated. Defendants must pay 50 percent of the amount in full. No partial payments or payment plans will be accepted.

The warrants may be paid for at the court window with cash, money order, cashier’s check or with a Visa or Master Card credit card. Defendants may pay by credit card by phone by calling 281-592-5639 or online at No personal checks will be accepted.

The names of defendants with outstanding warrants may be published in the news or city website at a future date if people fail to comply.

The municipal court is located inside Cleveland Police Department, 226 Peach Ave., Cleveland.

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