Colbert celebrates with Parent Picnic

Colbert student Brayden Mathis invited his grandmother, Deborah Mathis to Picnic With the People We Love on Friday, Feb. 14.

Annie E. Colbert Pre-K Elementary celebrated their ‘Picnic with People We Love’ luncheon on Friday, Feb. 14. 

Students each invited two guests to come and eat with them. Guests were honored and thanked for all their support throughout the students’ first year of academic learning. 

“We had about 296 guests who joined us for a hamburger cookout with all the fixings provided by our Chartwells Cafeteria staff. The students and their guests were filled not only with delicious food, but hearts were filled with LOVE and gratitude from our Tiny Broncos,”  said Colbert Principal Jennifer Narvaez.

Families were greeted by the staff with letters of love from the children. Each letter was designed and created by the students.   After lunch, the students then had the opportunity to show off their academic progress to their parents/grandparents. The special event ended with photo opportunities.

According to a statement from DISD Superintendent Dr. Jessica Johnson, the Colbert staff appreciated all of the folks who attended the ‘Picnic with People We Love’ luncheon and look forward to more family involvement opportunities this semester.

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