Birthday cards sought for World War II veteran

LinMarie Garsee and Gerald Greenfield hold up the quilt donated to Mr. Greenfield by Quilts for Vets.

Quilts for Vets, a local non-profit organization, is requesting birthday cards for a World War II veteran who will be turning 100 years old this April.

LinMarie Garsee, founder of Quilts for Vets, explained that she met the veteran – Gerald Greenfield – earlier this year as she was delivering a handcrafted quilt to him as a thank you for his years of service in the military.

“He was in the Army. He was drafted during World War II. After he got out in 1945, he was brought back in during 1950 and served during the Korean Conflict and Vietnam War. He was a social worker and did statewide counseling with the service personnel during the Korean Conflict and Vietnam War,” Garsee said.

During her visit with him earlier this year, Garsee said he tearfully explained to her that it was the first time for anyone outside his family to acknowledge his time in the military.

“He told me, ‘I thought we were all forgotten,'” she said. “He said the quilt donation had restored his faith in humanity.”

As a surprise for this deserving veteran, Garsee hopes to gather dozens of birthday cards with well wishes from strangers.

“This is a very humble man. I am not asking for anyone to send him a gift but they can if they decide to do that. I just feel like he deserves a little recognition,” Garsee said.

The deadline for submitting cards is April 10. All cards will be gathered at the Quilts for Vets office in Hempstead and then delivered by Garsee in time for his birthday celebration with family.

The address to submit cards is:

Gerald Greenfield, C/O Quilts for Vets, 815 4th Street, Hempstead, Texas 77445.


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