Liberty County reporting 31 COVID-19 cases

Liberty County now has 31 cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel Coronavirus.

The latest cases are for a 50-60-year-old South Liberty County female, a 70-80-year-old South Liberty County female, a 40-50-year-old North Liberty County male, a 60-70-year-old North Liberty County male and a 50-60-year-old North Liberty County male. All but one of the people are recovering at home. The 60-70-year-old male is under doctors’ care at a hospital.

“We are aware that the Department of State Health Services online tracker is reporting 32 cases for Liberty County at this time. However, DSHS has confirmed one of our cases was duplicated in the reporting number and there are only 31 confirmed cases for Liberty County,” said Crista Beasley-Adams, director of Liberty County Office of Emergency Management.

The most recent statistics for Liberty County, as of Friday, April 17, and with the addition of the four new cases, are:

  • 213 people tested
  • 31 positives (up by four since Friday)
  • 167 negatives
  • 1 fatality
  • 7 complete recoveries

The pandemic is in its 44th day locally. In Liberty County, it started on March 6 with the activation of the county’s emergency management plan. The first executive order was issued on March 24.

Liberty County Judge Jay Knight, in his Facebook address to the community on Friday, said that officials will be keeping “eyes and ears on Austin” this week as the governor is expected to announce some news about the reopening of “non-essential businesses.”

“Those still have to be identified by TDEM (Texas Department of Emergency Management),” said Knight.


    • Drive through testing? Sorry that would likely give to much insight into the true number of infections in this area. Not likely they’re ready for that yet. 😉

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