Cleveland man charged with murder that followed birthday party

Cleveland Police Department has charged a 27-year-old Cleveland man, Matthew Ryan Webb, for the murder of Walter Jamal Harrison, 35, also of Cleveland. Harrison was shot to death Saturday morning, around 6 a.m., in the front yard of a home on the 600 block of Field Ave.

According to Capt. Scott Felts, spokesperson for the police department, Webb and Harrison had both attended a birthday party at the home.

“As the party entered the early morning hours, Walter Harrison and Matthew Webb were involved in a physical altercation. The altercation was broken up at which Walter Harrison left the residence,” Felts said.

Harrison later returned to the home, allegedly carrying a firearm. Webb, who reportedly was in the front yard of the residence, shot Harrison multiple times with a handgun he himself was carrying.

When police arrived, they discovered Harrison lying in the front yard of a residence with several gunshot wounds to his upper body.  Another male, Webb, was standing in the yard and identified as the shooter. He was taken into custody.

Harrison was transported to HCA Healthcare Emergency Room in Cleveland with CPR in progress. He was later pronounced deceased by Pct. 6 Justice of the Peace Ralph Fuller.

Cleveland Police Department is encouraging anyone with information regarding the shooting to call 281-592-2622. 

“This is an ongoing investigation. We will continue to work this investigation and follow-up with additional witnesses as they come forth,” Felts said.

Webb is charged with first-degree felony murder. His bond was set at $500,000 by Municipal Court Judge Bob Steely. Webb was transported from Cleveland Police Department’s jail to the Liberty County Jail where he remains in custody.

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  1. Isn’t this what is commonly referred to as self defense? Why was he charged instead of it being taken before a grand jury? Why such a big bond on this case? Is there something that isn’t being reported?

    “Harrison later returned to the home, allegedly carrying a firearm. Webb, who reportedly was in the front yard of the residence, shot Harrison multiple times with a handgun he himself was carrying.”

  2. Is this the same:
    Birth Date(s)
    09/07/1984 (PRIMARY)

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    • What Walter Harrison done in his past has absolutely nothing to do with him being shot by a racist . The question No one has ask Why was he carrying a loaded gun at A Children Birthday Party! The Children Parents need to be Changed with Child endangerment. No one has mention the guns and drugs recovered by the Police. Why Yall worried about a dead man past criminal record. Need to be questioning Those Patients about why Young children were up running around at 6am in the morning. You People worried about the wrong things.

      • Just to be honest unless you know him you cant call him racist. If you’re calling him racist just because a white man shot a black man that makes you racist. Obviously everyone at the party was having a good time. If he has a sex offender past then he was dead wrong being at a children’s party anyway. About that, the article just “birthday party” not “children’s party” leaving any intelligent person to assume it was an adult party. People carry firearms all the time for protection.. everywhere they go.. so to me it seems that these 2 had a history of not liking one another.. they got into a fist fight.. which obviously Walter lost… then pu$$y boy Walter leaves to bring a gun back to a party with intentions of shooting someone and got his ass popped. I guess Walter should’ve taken a longer timeout and maybe still be here.

  3. So if this is accurate as written, it was obviously self defense and the arresting officer is an idiot.

  4. If earlier that day they had a altercation and was said webb had a gun on him why he didn’t pull it out cuz he wasn’t in fear of his life so when Harrison left then came back with the gun Webb was in fear of his life self-defense all day long

  5. Either there is more to this story or this man should never been arrested !!! Someone leaves to get a gun then comes back to use it ??? Why wouldn’t you shoot him ??

  6. It seems like self defense but it has to be more to this incident that’s not being reported. Webb look like he took a good ass kicking by looking his face..

  7. From my understanding of what happened, they actually have the names switched. Because that was Walter Harrison’s house. And Matthew Webb left the party, and came back and shot him… Not the other way around… Not self defense.. It is premeditated because he left and got a gun and came back to kill him.

    • Guess you shouldn’t lean to your own understanding Heather. It’s amazing how the people on here are trying divide this situation with racial lines. Had they been racist neither of them would’ve been at the party as long as they were without violence. And how yall know it wasn’t Walter that was racist. Too many people out there trying to demonize entire races based on the actions of a few and pending that members if their own race can’t be or aren’t racist. Please… wake tf up


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