Face mask rule in effect for Liberty County starting July 2

Anyone over the age of 10 doing business in Liberty County will be required to wear a face mask starting Thursday, July 2. Liberty County Judge Jay Knight, as well as the mayors of Liberty, Cleveland and Dayton, signed an order on Wednesday making the face masks a requirement in the ongoing effort to combat the spread of COVID-19.

The new rule goes into effect on midnight, July 2, and continues through midnight on July 15, unless terminated, modified or extended by a subsequent order.

“From the effective date of this order, all commercial entities in the County of Liberty that provide goods and services directly to the public must develop and implement a health and safety policy. The policy must require, at a minimum, that all employees, customers, vendors and visitors, 10 years or older, wear face coverings when accessing areas of the commercial entity’s premises that involve close contact or proximity to other employees or members of the public, where six feet of separation is not feasible. Face coverings required by this order may include but are not limited to surgical masks, industrial masks, homemade masks, scarfs (sic), bandanas (sic) or handkerchiefs,” the order reads.

Failure of a commercial entity to develop, post and implement a policy required by this order by noon on July 6 may result in a fine not to exceed $500 for each violation. No civil or criminal penalty will be imposed on individuals for failure to wear a face covering.

To read the entire executive order, click here: https://bluebonnetnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/ExecutiveOrder.FaceCoveringMandate.7.01.2020.pdf


The Liberty County Emergency Management Office is continuing to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and has released the latest tally of cases within the county. As of Wednesday, July 1, the county has 307 confirmed cases of COVID-19, although a third of victims in those cases have recovered.

Of the 307 total cases, 213 cases remain active and three people have died.

The LCOEM has changed the way they are reporting the victims. Instead of a case by case report, they are segmenting them into age groups, regions of the county and gender.

Below are the most recent reports from the LCOEM:


  1. DeMontrond Ford has a positive case and has not told employees. They are spraying chemicals right now with employees breathing in no telling what.
    This is in confidence but came from employee and is true.

    • DeMontrond has good lawyers so you might want to post the name of the person who told you this so you won’t be sued.

    • I have acute asthma and sleep apnea I cant breathe so I wear your mask then do I just starve anybody got an oxygen tank kids under 10 carry more diseases than any adult ever did and you know this from the school kids bring us home their sickness maybe you will get lucky enough to get respiratory disease for yourself I got 80 percent chance any contagious it’s not person to person you wont go get that polecat spreading this virius and blame everbody else protestors dont get virius only people to Trump rally?

      • wearing a mask does not reduce the airflow you receive. You just think it does because you don’t like wearing the mask

  2. Jay Knight and the mayors of these cities cannot and will not make any laws without a vote from the constituents. The US Constitution over rides any such decree

    • What about Jesus and his Commandments? Does the Constitution override his words if you are a Christian? If you are a Christian, you shouldn’t have to be told not to put your neighbors lives in danger. The virus isn’t political. It kills without concern of whether you have the money to take your complaint to SCOTUS for a ruling.
      Do the right thing if you care about your neighbors and your family.

      • Yes look out for your neighbor who is in fear for his health to stay at home while the rest of us try to keep our businesses going to support our families. They are killing all of us with this. Christ did not fear to walk among the lepers or the sick. He is the true healer and His protection will allow His will to be done whatever it may be.

      • So, if you don’t wear a mask or agree with wearing a mask, you do not care about your neighbor? Really? That position sounds political to me.

        Not to mention, the WHO and the CDC disagree whether healthy people should wear a mask.

  3. Why would anyone that believes in Jesus have to be told to wear a mask to protect his, or her, fellow human beings?
    Matthew 22:36-40 King James Version (KJV)
    36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?
    37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
    38 This is the first and great commandment.
    39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
    40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

    • If I do not care if someone wears a mask around me, then wouldn’t I be doing unto others as I would have them do unto me?

      Again, the “experts” do not even agree on whether healthy people should wear a mask. The WHO recommends against it.

      • You might want to keep up.
        “The World Health Organization is now advising everyone to wear face masks in public when they can’t practice social distancing — an about-face from its earlier guidance on stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

        WHO director-general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced the shift Friday, citing new evidence that showed face masks worn by healthy people could be “a barrier for potentially infectious droplets,” the BBC reported.”nypost.com June 6, 2020

      • And, two days later, they said the spread of the virus from asymptomatic patients was rare, which is the reason to wear the mask.

        The point is that they cannot agree, and I am glad that you completely ignore the other point.

  4. Wearing a mask for more than 30 minutes is a human petri dish for bacteria and viruses. Now when people touch the masks, then touch other things, they spread bacteria much more than healthy people forced to wear masks. Why would anyone think that quarantining healthy people or forcing healthy people to wear a mask laden with bacteria is something Jesus would do?

    • How does one know if they are virus free? You can pick it up right after the test and pass it around. The virus is mutating and now you are seeing healthy young people in the hospitals.

  5. Joe, your insinuation that those who choose to exercise their rights to not wear a mask, do not love their neighbors, is wrong. Yoku worry about your relationship with God and your neighbors, and we will worry about ours. Welcome to America

    • Are you telling me that it is alright for a Christian to put others lives at risk just so they can support Trump and his stupidity? You are aware that everyone he comes in contact with each day is tested? Are you tested each day? If not, consider protecting your family with a mask.

  6. This mandatory mask is stupid if you want to wear it then wear it if not then don’t if you’re worried because you might catch it stay home

    • Young people are beginning to die from the mutating virus. It is no longer your parents and grandparents who have to worry.

  7. If masks were effective so many people wouldn’t have a problem with it! However they don’t work and your leaders know it! It’s all bs!

      • You’re really such a dumb ass. If the mask are as great as they say they are then how come doctors never wore them except when in surgery until now. Answer: They reduce the oxygen levels below the clean air standard and raise the CO2 levels to an unsafe levels issued by the government organization better known as OSHA. This results in weakening your immune system making you more susceptible to contracting disease or illness. Wake up. This has nothing to do with Trump but everything to do with making this a socialist and communist country. Would bet that you’re a Liberal or Democrat because of your own beliefs and stupidity.

      • Roy,
        If you want to believe that the billionaire Oligarchs don’t own and run this country, go ahead and believe in political parties. They have nothing to do with this deadly virus and their leaders just want to stay on the payroll.

        FACT: The prolonged use of medical masks* when properly worn, DOES NOT cause CO2 intoxication nor oxygen deficiency

        The prolonged use of medical masks can be uncomfortable. However, it does not lead to CO2 intoxication nor oxygen deficiency. While wearing a medical mask, make sure it fits properly and that it is tight enough to allow you to breathe normally. Do not re-use a disposable mask and always change it as soon as it gets damp.

        * Medical masks (also known as surgical masks) are flat or pleated; they are affixed to the head with straps or have ear loops.

      • Joe, Joe, Joe.
        Please think about your response for just a few seconds. You’re really letting your stupidity show. First of all you can’t breathe properly with anything covering your nose and mouth especially when it restricts the air flow in or out of your lungs. That hot air that you breathe back in is the CO2 that is expelled from your lungs. A 19.5 % oxygen level is the minimum level for a healthy environment and when you cover your mouth and nose to the point of restricting the air flow in both directions the oxygen levels drop down to 16.5% in the first 60 seconds and the CO2 levels rise. This is the hot air that you’re breathing back in when you’re wearing a mask. This is why the M1-A1 NBC mask worn by our military troops have a filtered inlet and an unrestricted outlet. Second of all yes I believe that the oligarchs are the ones that rule the world and the democrats are in their pockets and are part of the push for a new world order that would result in total communism and socialist governing. It never has worked and it never will. If you believe it will then you’re part of the USEFUL IDIOTS as described by Stalin when referring to his converts.

  8. What about individuals who medically can’t wear a mask due to a breathing issue? I guess we can all get together and sue the judge and the mayors for hindering our ability to shop with a medical issue

    • Are you considering an Obama Ghetto Lottery Lawyer to handle your case? They only take cases that they can settle quickly.
      As far as breathing issues go, just tell the police officer that you can’t breathe.

      • Joe Crowe. .I’ll met you anywhere you want so you can talk so racist comments to me.. No weapons , just fist. Anywhere you want to meet up at Joe Crowe

  9. It doesn’t specifically say you have to wear the face covering on your face. It doesn’t say it has to cover your mouth and nose. I usually wear mine on my arm…

  10. That will protect your arm when the cop arrests you for back talking him. You can beat the charge but you can’t keep your picture out of the Bluebonnet News.

    • If you read the article, it said “no civil or criminal penalties will be imposed on individuals for failure to wear a face covering. “

      • Your refusal to leave the premises when warned is trespassing. They can charge you with that. When you insist on your rights, they can think of something else. Aren’t you reading about what is happening in this country?
        “Failure of a commercial entity to develop, post and implement a policy required by this order by noon on July 6 may result in a fine not to exceed $500 for each violation.”

      • The business owners get the fine like they are barely able to pay their bills now. Elected officials better watch out if they want to keep their jobs. They should inform and suggest. Not order

  11. Everyone has a right to not obey the law. Those of us who don’t comply to what is asked of us concerning masks, should have an alternative. Ones that don’t wear masks should not be charged such a high fine. I think they should do community service at a hospital, in a COVID unit without wearing a mask, only helping COVID patients.

    • The fine is not for you. It is for the people that let you in without a mask. Your fine will be for trespassing when you refuse to wear a mask or leave.

      • Sure. The same could be said for any amoral law in history as well, but that is not the point.

        Business owners are individuals, and the idea that it is OK to limit business owners’ rights but not individuals’ rights is disingenuous and hypocritical. A fine on a business is a fine on an individual.

  12. Not sure how this turned political, but sounds like Joe Crowe should stay inside… since hes so fragile.

    • Are you keeping up with what is actually happening with this virus? Do you understand that it is mutating and getting worse? Young people are now dying from it.
      As far as political, the people that are insisting they have the right to endanger their neighbors are following Trump and his people. If Trump had moved to protect the sick, and old, he wouldn’t have had to collapse the economy and put all these people out of work.

    • So far, very few children have been infected. That is why so many politicians want the children to go back to school.

    • “Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd.”
      Bertrand Russell

      • My perceived “ferocity” towards you…? Or your ferocity towards anyone on here that has a different point of view other than yours?

        From all the comments I’ve read that you’ve posted, it just seems like you want to argue.

        Everyone has the right to their own opinion and the right to wear or not wear a mask. If not wearing a mask means that I cant go to certain stores than so be it. Private places of business have the right to turn people away if they so please, but I also have the right to not give my bussiness to them.

        IN MY OPINION, this all seems blown out of proportion with the lockdowns, masks, etc. Most HEALTHY people can get it and get over it. Now if you are deemed UNHEALTHY or in the at risk category you should probably stay home. I personally haven’t worn a mask and I probably never will. You can even at that point say I am part of the “problem”, but I’m not going to put on a mask because my local government now suggests to.

      • Exactly. You seem to be operating in fear and have cowered to the herd instinct.

  13. I am legally disable I have acute asthma and sleep apnea I cantb breathe with a mask on so I guess I can pull off and on to get enough air in my lungs or starve it’s not person to person polecat in henhouse spreading this disease protesters dont get it Trump rally people do????

  14. I have a question if anyone can answer. I have breathing issues and heart issues and when I wear a mask for just a minute or two it causes both health issues to act up which causes me to become light headed and my heart rate drops. So what is someone like me suppose to do. Are we suppose to take the chance of dying due to wearing the mask.

  15. Excellent decisions and new reporting!

    It’s good to see our local leaders finally acting assertively and responsibly. Certainly, we’ve not seen national or statewide leaders doing the same. Individually and collectively, we aren’t either it seems. We are, as a nation and now as a region, among the world’s worst at coping with COVID-19. It’s past time to get serious.

    Obviously, based on replies to this post alone, lots of emotions are triggered by the issues surrounding masks. To suggest masks are ineffective or political overreach is simply absurd. The best science and practice says otherwise.

    Good science and public policy are our best way out of this mess, perhaps the only way. Neither divisive politics nor faith will stop this pandemic or surges like we are experiencing. Nor will masks alone, but evidence and health experts say masks in concert with proactive responsible guidelines help. Thankfully, we have local leaders now willing to act assertively and responsibly.

    So, mask up, folks! My mask protects you, your mask protects me. No one is protected when we are not using masks.

    Opt for solutions that work, not political diatribes.

    Keep calm, wash your hands, avoid crowds, and support responsible leadership by acting responsibly.

    • What best science says otherwise? The scientific community does not even agree. The WHO states that people that are healthy should not wear a mask, while the CDC disagrees. There is no consensus. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

      And, obviously, a political restrictions is going to solicit cries of overreach. Any restriction of personal liberty should receive push-back whether deemed necessary by some or a majority even. That is how we keep liberties.

      As for the situation, Ron Paul put it best when he stated, “Freedom is not defined by safety. Freedom is defined by the ability of citizens to live without government interference. Government cannot create a world without risks, nor would we really wish to live in such a fictional place. Only a totalitarian society would even claim absolute safety as a worthy ideal, because it would require total state control over its citizens’ lives. Liberty has meaning only if we still believe in it when terrible things happen and a false government security blanket beckons.”

  16. They make you wear a seat belt to protect you. They make you have insurance to protect yourself and others. They wont let you smoke in public to protect others. Now wear your mask and quit complaining. By doing so, you are protecting yourself and others.

    • There is a major difference between insurance and smoking in public and wearing a mask. For one, there is no debating the effects of second hand smoke or the lack of insurance on hurting someone else. There is a lack of evidence and contradictory opinions on the effectiveness of masks.

      As for seat belts laws, I am against them as well. We should adopt the New Hampshire model.

  17. I work in an industry where we must wear s.c.b.a. that’s self contained breathing apparatus. All you mask clowns. What size microns does your magical cloth face covering filter. Oh wait you dont even know what a micron is. They dont work and not a single one of you are man or woman enough to put one on me. I’m not a trumper either. Hes literally the dumbest president weve ever had. China has worn mask before this corona scam. If they were so effective the virus would have never left china. Under no circumstances will I ever forfeit my right to think for myself stay safe

    • The mask isn’t to keep the germs from you. it is to keep your germs from others. Your mask at work is the opposite.

    • You sir are a buffoon. Answer the question that was asked. I could care less for your opinion. Not your or anyone else you know is man or woman enough to put one on me. Again answer the question. What size microns does a cloth mask filter and what size microns are virus spores if you cant reply with actual math go play in traffic.

      • Can’t post the whole article but you might want to read it.
        “N95s -Sufficient Protection for Covid19?
        There have been many questions regarding the effectiveness of masks, particularly N95 masks, for protection against COVID19. One recently published article, linked here,discusses the efficiency of cloth and surgical masks. The CDC, President Trump, and Governor Dunleavy have all advocated the use of cloth masks in social situations.The best data to date indicates that the use of surgical or simple face masks are sufficient in most healthcare situations. Only those within certain close contact scenarios need to use an N95 mask. South Peninsula Hospital’s PPE guidelines reflect the best evidence recommendations at this time.N95 mask packaging has a label or verbiage indicating protection down to 0.3 microns. Microns are small –1 millionth of a meter. Pollen particles are often 10 microns or bigger. Bacteria are often about 1 micron. COVID19 has a diameter of approximately 60–140 nm or 0.06 to 1.4 microns.”sphosp.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Letter-in-response-to-N-95-use-RA-Final.pdf

      • I have contacted the South Peninsula Hospital and they are taking action to correct their error where they state that 140 nm = 1.4 microns.
        It does not! It is only .14 microns.

        Please stop propagating this error.

  18. Jay Knight and Greg Abbott cannot call themselves liberty minded conservatives any longer. They have shown their true colors through this ordeal. They are statists who believe individuals are too stupid to make decisions for themselves.

    Sure, it is not an order on individuals, but in reality any order against a business is against individuals. They should no longer be able to label themselves as pro-business as well.

    Shame on Jay Knight. Shame on Greg Abbott. Hopefully, we will hold them responsible when their time for re-election comes up!

  19. When does Judge Knight and these Mayors come up for re election. I hope the freedom loving voters remember this tyranny.

  20. I agree that everyone who are free American citizens or in fact people around the world may or may not agree upon the face that’s covering I was hospitalized for two and a half months not because I had the virus that because I had pneumonia in both lungs I have COPD I have asthma and I have been disabled since 2007 I wear a face mask and I wear my oxygen under my face mask I’m sorry if you feel as though you are not getting enough air from wearing your face mask but we have to take into consideration that the laws or opinions or mandates that are put in place for our own safety even if we don’t regard the fact that someone should tell us make us or provide Atenolol you say understand I don’t want to get sick again my COPD my asthma and my lung damage was due to the fact that my parents smoke cigarettes as well I was in a situation where there was not a fire but there was a smoldering situation while I was taking care of one of my patients from my patient smoking a cigarette and dropping it on the floor and then caught a bag with live ammunition on fire not necessarily on fire but it’s smoldered Pigeon Point that at I was hospitalized I wish everyone that has a concern and that over being told or being a mandated to wear the face covering I agree with you you have rights you don’t have to do the lost and the mandates that are put in place or going to provide the best option for all so don’t wear them will save your $500 fine and go on about your life but don’t expect that your opinion based upon you being feeling like you’re struggling with the mask that you can’t breathe if you in fact have asthma and you have sleep apnea again you should be wearing oxygen that has been ordered by your physician as I have so let’s just take this off the political table where you and beans we have families we have children I respect my neighbors who in fact have the same situation families and children so everyone please let’s take this off the political Trump cable and be human beings with the concern based upon the walk as you said in Jesus this is not political this is not religious this is common sense where your face mask if you don’t want to wear your face if you don’t want to stay at home they do not by any means feel like you have the right to not pay that $500 ticket be safe for the Fourth of July everyone and good day

  21. patricia
    You are a person who shouldn’t expose themselves in any way to this virus. With your medical problems, you are at risk of death. The news is full of articles warning people to quarantine themselves with your conditions. Use commonsense and stay home.

  22. No mask requirement in Montgomery County. I will spend my money there until Liberty County stops this foolishness. If people shop with their principals and not spend money in places that infringe on freedom local businesses might demand change as well. I, personally will never spend a dime anywhere that requires a mask, no matter how far I have to drive.

    • What about drinking beer in your car while traveling to Montgomery County to shop? Is stopping you from doing that an infringement on your rights? You are putting people at risk in either situation. Where do your rights negate the right of others to live?

      • Another beyond stupid response.

        You have the right not to go out if you are concerned about catching the virus. Just as he should have the right to shop where he wishes.

        Business should have the right to allow people in without a mask or require a mask. It should be left to the businesses to decide. It is their right. The government should not force businesses under threat of fines to require customers and employees to wear masks. This flies in the face of individual liberty.

        Only a moron would compare not wearing a mask to drinking and driving. Obviously, someone who is driving impaired poses a threat to others. It is far cry from obvious that a healthy person not wearing a mask poses a legitimate threat to others.

  23. Joe obviously reading comprehension isn’t your strong point. I specifically multiple times said cloth face coverings. You know the ones recommended bc you’re pretty much not gonna find any n95. I’m assuming you dont know the difference. The n95 might offer a slim bit of help if worn correctly. Which I still highly doubt but I’ll play. You know perfect seal. Clean shaven as a man but you and I both know maybe 5 percent of people would actually wear the n95 correctly. the cloth face coverings offer nill. Biggest study to prove that was the university of Minnesota. I’m sorry no one who loved you taught you proper reading comprehension. This is more then I’ve ever commented online in my life I’m done with it. If you happen to catch me around town without my mask try your luck and see how it works out for you. Stay safe people. Turn off the news and think for yourselves

    • Did you miss this in the quote? I assume you didn’t read the whole article.
      “The best data to date indicates that the use of surgical or simple face masks are sufficient in most healthcare situations.”

  24. Wearing a mask to protect against Coronavirus is like using a chain link fence to protect against mosquitoes. Fauchi is a fraud and The WHO has sold out to China. They both have changed positions on mask wearing multiple times.

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