Short-lived jail break in Liberty ends with arrests of three inmates

In the early morning hours of Thursday at approximately 3 a.m., three inmates from the Liberty County Jail managed to get out of their cells and into the enclosed perimeter yard before they were apprehended by jail personnel.

According to Criminal Investigation Division Commander Capt. Billy Knox, there may have been a fourth inmate involved in the attempted escape but so far that has not been confirmed.

“At this early stage of the investigation, little is known of the details as to how they managed to get out of their cells but it appears the three inmates took a mattress from their cell and intended to use it to help them scale the yard fence,” according to a statement from the sheriff’s office.

However, they were apprehended before either of them could breach the fence and make their escape.

Interviews are presently being taken by CID Investigators to determine the exact circumstances of this attempted escape as the investigation continues.

This is a developing story. The names of the suspects will be released later today. Please check back.

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