Four charged with attempted jail break in Liberty

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has identified the four men who reportedly tried to abscond from the Liberty County Jail around 3 a.m. Thursday. Originally it was reported that three men had been identified and a fourth inmate may have been involved.

The four men being charged for attempting to escape are:

  • William Earl Tanton, 34, who was originally in jail for Assault, Evading Arrest and Robbery;
  • Jimmy Clay Minx, 55, who was in jail for a Burglary charge;
  • Lucas Jai McCaig, 18, who was in jail for three Burglary charges and one charge of Aggravated Robbery; and
  • Tyler Hammond, 21, who was being held for Theft of Property and Fraudulent Use of Identifying Information.

The four men now face an additional charge of Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity-Escape.

The inmates managed to get out of their cells and into the enclosed perimeter yard before they were apprehended by jail personnel. Information from the sheriff’s office suggests that the men used a mattress from their cell and intended to use it to help them scale the yard fence.

In addition, the method is which the inmates managed to escape their jail cells and the building is still under investigation.


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