Hunt’s Picks: Book series by J.B. Black will help pass time during pandemic

By Melvin Hunt, book reviewer

J.B. Black is the author of a action-packed, fiction thriller series that centers around combating global terror. In his newest installment – Reb’s Rendition – the hero of the series, Reb Rogers, travels to Iran after discovering that the country is planning a major offensive military action against the United States. The name of the project is Project Hellfire.

The Soviets are helping Iran with this terror plot, which entails using nuclear weapons against the United States. Reb, who is an operative for the United States government, is sent to Iran to intervene.

The U.S. also faces a challenge from within as President Soetoro is sympathetic to Iran’s mission. Soetoro is working to undermine the U.S. military.

It is also discovered that the Quds, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, are also planning action of their own against the United States.

Reb and the U.S Forces, who are loyal to their country, not the President, are going to be attacked by these enemies in the Texas border city of Laredo.

Despite these overwhelming odds against the United States, the patriots gain help from Israel and gain the upper hand. In the meantime, it is discovered that Honey, Reb’s girlfriend, has been kidnapped and raped by Andre Bertrand, the ongoing villain and an arch rival to Reb in the book series.

Read the book to see how this all turns out and to see if Reb finally gets the upper hand on his enemy. This is one of his better books that I have read. Be sure to read it.

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