Fire destroys home of ‘Wright’s Lights’ family in Dayton

A fire at the Dayton home of Paul and Patty Wright appears to have originated in their bedroom, according to Patty.

A Dayton family who has done so much to brighten the Christmas cheer of people in their community is struggling right now after fire swept through their home on FM 1960 on Tuesday, destroying most of their possessions, including some of their beloved Christmas displays.

“The entire house is more than likely a total loss,” said Kelley Wright, the daughter of Patty and Paul Wright, creators of Wright’s Lights & More (Winter Wonderland). “The roof is coming down. The sides of the house are buckled in from all the heat of the fire. I am sure the insurance company more than likely is going to total it.”

Only a handful of things are salvageable, Kelley said, mostly items the Wrights kept in their home for their grandchildren. The rest is gone, including all the appliances, the couple’s Rudolph Village, Paul’s diecast car and Mopar shirt collections, all of their personal effects and the trophy they won in 2017 for winning first place in ABC’s “Great Christmas Light Fight.”

Kelley said that insurance should cover some of their losses, but there is no way to replace the items her parents collected over their 35-year marriage.

Their personal losses also mean that this year’s Christmas display, which has become an annual holiday tradition for countless numbers of people, will be put off until next year, Kelley said.

“We can only do so much. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. I have always said that I would rather go through a hurricane than a fire. At least you might have something to salvage in a hurricane. A fire takes it all,” Kelley said.

For now, the couple will be staying with Kelley’s family next door. Kelly said that Dayton veterinarian Dr. Luke Chachere got the family a dumpster to help clean up the debris. Another friend has launched a Go Fund Me page.

If you would like to make a donation to the Wrights, go online to

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