Casting a ballot just got easier in Liberty County

In anticipation of the upcoming November election, the Liberty County Office of Elections has three key pieces of information they want to ensure every voter understands. 

You can vote anywhere in the county on Election Day.  Liberty County has moved to “voting centers,” meaning voters can vote at any of 20 locations in the county on Election Day.  Please note that historically, Liberty County has utilized 30 voting locations; those 30 have now been consolidated into 20 locations. 

This move will save taxpayer funds from subsidizing polling locations that have only a handful of voters each cycle, and with the availability to vote at any location in the county, voting access will not be restricted.  Please check the Elections Administrator’s website to ensure you know what voting locations are open near you. 

There is an extra week of early voting available. Early voting begins on Oct. 13.  In an attempt to avoid crowds in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Governor Abbott extended the early voting time to include an extra week. This addition means voters have three weeks to early vote.

Masks are not required to be worn while voting. Voting is specifically exempted from the government mandate on wearing masks. While wearing one to prevent the spread of COVID is greatly encouraged when voting, please note that should you arrive at a polling location and not have a mask, you will not be denied entry. Masks will be available if you need one.

Your Elections office consists of Klint Bush, Elections Administrator, Melanie Croker, Chief Deputy and Doc Sikes, Voter Registrar Assistant.  The public may call the Elections Administration Office at 936-253-8050 to have any additional questions answered.

Here are important details about early voting locations:


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