Liberty HS law enforcement cadets shower sheriff’s office with holiday goodies

Students in Liberty High School's Advanced Law Enforcement and Correctional Officer class stopped by the Liberty County Sheriff's Office to deliver some holiday gifts.

Tis the Christmas season of giving and receiving, and for the fourth year in a row, the Liberty High School Senior Advanced Law Enforcement and Correctional Officer class has stepped up to the Christmas tree and played “Santa.”

They recently showered the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office personnel with a delightfully delicious delicacy of cookies, cakes and candies to brighten this holiday season.

Approximately 12 of the nearly 20-member class and their very able Instructor Terry Higginbotham arrived with “goodies” in boxes that were distributed throughout the agency to satisfy the sweet tooth of everyone.  

Higginbotham said this was something his class does each year to say “thank you” to the Sheriff’s Office and to show how much the students appreciates the Sheriff’s Office for all they do for the county they serve.

Sheriff Bobby Rader said that this appreciation actually goes two ways in that several of the students in this particular law enforcement and Correctional Officer class can go to work, upon graduation, with TDC or the Liberty County Jail facility as have graduated students in the past.

Rader went on to say that even though some of the students will choose other career fields upon graduation, the information and knowledge gained through the Liberty High School classes of Instructor Higginbotham will make good will ambassadors of each student as they enter the working world.

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