Shooting investigation underway in Tarkington

Rather than accept a warrant for a DWI from a private investigator, a man who lives on CR 3016 in Tarkington reportedly took his own life Monday afternoon while deputies from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office attempted to him into dropping his gun.

According to Capt. Ken DeFoor, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, the investigation started at approximately 3:30 p.m. when the private investigator called 911 and asked for assistance as the man he was attempting to serve with a warrant reportedly pulled a handgun and pointed it at his own head while telling the PI the “gun is for me and not you.”

Several sheriff’s units responded to the scene with Cpl. Darrell Werner taking command while in route requesting a hostage negotiator and for an ambulance to standby. Cpl. Werner also advised to secure the area until a negotiator could arrive and interact with the subject.

“As deputies arrived and before the negotiator arrived, at approximately 3:45 p.m., the man left the front porch of his home and entered a wooded area immediately adjacent to his home while still holding the gun to his head. Within seconds of entering the woods a gunshot was heard and the man was found on the ground from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head,” DeFoor wrote in his statement to media.

Deputies found the man still breathing and immediately began first aid in an attempt to save his life but he passed away within a few minutes. Pct. 5 Justice of the Peace Judge Wade Brown was summoned to the scene to conduct the inquest.

The individual’s name is not being released at this early stage as it is possible family members may still need to be contacted. The investigation is ongoing at this time.


  1. Why is a Private investigator serving a warrant. I’m a law-abiding citizen at least 90% of the time but I’d never let a P.I. take me to jail especially on my property. I wish the outcome of this would’ve been different

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