Dangerous intersection on US 90 in Dayton to be replaced with overpass

The FM 1413 and US 90 intersection is one that sees a heavy amount of traffic on any given day. In the next year or two, an overpass will be constructed, making the intersection much safer for motorists.

One of the most deadly intersections in Liberty County is finally being addressed by the Texas Department of Transportation. In May, TxDOT will go out for bids for a project to build an overpass on US 90 at the FM 1413 intersection west of Dayton.

The estimated cost for this project is $17 million, according to Sarah Dupre, a spokesperson for TxDOT’s Beaumont District, which serves Liberty County.

“Essentially we will be taking US 90 over FM 1413. There won’t be turnarounds, but there will be a stop-controlled intersection under the overpass for the frontage roads in which drivers can take two left turns to go the opposite direction,” Dupres said.

Traffic will use frontage roads to safely enter the westbound and eastbound lanes.

Dayton City Manager Theo Melancon said the overpass project came about after the City of Dayton completed a study in 2018 that included a criticality index of the intersection.

“It was sky high, not only because of the frequency of accidents at this intersection but because of the severity of the crashes. We submitted this data to TxDOT and they took it to heart after seeing these astounding numbers,” Melancon said.

Currently at the intersection, there are two westbound lanes and two eastbound lanes of the heavily-traveled US 90, northbound and southbound traffic on FM 1413 and a turning lane in the middle of US 90. Traffic is only alerted to the dangers of the intersection by amber flashing lights.

Even though it could be a year or two before the overpass is finished, Melancon is relieved that TxDOT is finally taking action on it.

“We haven’t been told exactly how long the project will take but usually these types of projects take a couple of years,” he said.


  1. Txdot know about this deadly intersection for a long time liberty area office puts in for things they want done it is just a waiting game for funds

  2. People on 1413 run through the stop signs all the time Put an overpass on 90 over the train tracks That one is needed more than at 1413 Shouldn’t spend money for an overpass because, people won’t obey the law!!! We all have sat waiting for the train at 90 for more than thirty minutes Traffic backed all the way down the hill towards Liberty Let’s spend millions where we don’t need it Typical government thinking

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