Courthouse and county facilities closed Wednesday

The Liberty County Courthouse (file photo)

As residents prepare for a third night of freezing temperatures, Liberty County leaders have decided to close the courthouse, annexes and other county buildings on Wednesday, Feb. 17. According to County Judge Jay Knight, a decision about opening up these offices for the rest of the week will be made some time Wednesday.

“As for what we are going to do, we are going to stay closed tomorrow. We are trying to work with the school districts because we have County employees who have children and no one wants to leave their kids at home alone with these weather conditions,” Knight said.

Knight said that he has spoken to three of the four road and bridge commissioners and they are reporting that they have sanded all bridges on county roads as that is where black ice tends to accumulate in winter weather events.

“We are asking people to not get out if they don’t need to get home. Stay home and stay safe,” he said.

While people may be interested to see for themselves how the rest of the county has fared in the storm, Knight asks that people resist the urge to go sightseeing.

“Think before you go somewhere. Don’t put our first responders in harm’s way because they might have to rescue you. They have families just like the rest of us,” he said.

Knight added that most people appear to be heeding the warning.

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