Winter storm prompts Texas Emergency Hospital to reschedule COVID-19 vaccinations

If you had an appointment scheduled this week for a COVID-19 vaccination at Texas Emergency Hospital in Cleveland, you will need to wait one more week.

“Due to the inclement weather and poor road conditions, Emergency Hospital Systems must reschedule all second dose vaccines,” said Jeremy Allen, a spokesperson for the hospital.

The new schedule follows:

  • Monday, Feb. 15, is moved to Feb. 22
  • Tuesday, Feb. 16, is moved to Feb. 23
  • Wednesday, Feb. 17, is moved to Feb. 24
  • Thursday, Feb. 18, is moved to Feb. 25
  • Friday, Feb. 19, is moved to Feb. 26

“Your appointment time will remain the same. Only the date has changed,” said Allen.

At this time, the hospital emergency room remains open for any emergencies that may arise but use extreme caution while traveling on the icy roads.

“The safety and wellbeing of our friends and community has been and will remain our first priority,” Allen said.

The hotline to set up COVID-19 shots also is not operable at this time because the hospital has not received its next shipment of the Pfizer vaccine and cannot predict when the vaccine will arrive, Allen said.

“The issue right now in getting the vaccine to us is transportation. Everything up north is locked up because of icy road conditions. This storm created a big ripple effect,” Allen said.


  1. What about the people already scheduled for the vaccine on the 22md and 23rd? Will this interfere with their appointments?
    Is the hospital doubling up on the people scheduled for these days?

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