Liberty County businesses, restaurants and bars may reopen to 75 percent capacity

Local restaurants are now able to serve customers at a 75 percent occupancy rate. This is up from the 50 percent occupancy rate set in December 2020. This photo is courtesy of El Burrito.

A decline in the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the nine-county Trauma Service Area that includes Liberty County means that Liberty County businesses can now reopen to 75 percent capacity. This is up from the 50 percent capacity restrictions put in place last December.

At the same time in December, the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission (TABC) mandated that all bars and similar establishments in Liberty County close until the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations dropped. All elective surgeries were also prohibited for people living in Trauma Service Area R.

The decline in COVID-19 hospitalizations means that bars can reopen and residents can once again sign up for their elective surgeries.

Liberty County Judge Jay Knight was notified of the decrease in COVID-19 numbers on Sunday by an email from the Texas Department of State Health and Human Services.

On Monday morning, the reopening of bars was still in question while Knight sought the advice of Liberty County Attorney Matthew Poston. Just before the close of business Monday evening, Knight received and signed the opt-in form requesting the reopening of bars and similar establishments.

While the change in occupancy numbers is good news for Liberty County businesses, Knight still is urging caution and asking residents not to get complacent about their preventive measures.

“Even though we have moved up to 75 percent occupancy and the bars are once again reopened, please be mindful of the potential that COVID-19 still exists. Take every precaution you deem necessary to keep you and your family safe,” he said. “At this point in time, we are seeing better progress and we sure don’t want to regress.”

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