Construction projects abound in Liberty

Crews prepare the site for a new Fuel Max store, located on the 1100 block of Main Street, at the former site of Thrif-Tee Food Center.

New developments are popping up all across Liberty with crews working to stock new stores and lay foundations for future stores and businesses.

According to Chris Jarmon, Assistant City Manager-Economic and Community Development for the City of Liberty, construction of a new Dollar Tree store, located at 2914 N. Main Street near Walmart, is finished and crews are beginning to stock shelves. Dollar Tree expects the store to be open by April.

Directly in front of Walmart, next to the AT&T store, is a new strip center that is nearing completion.

A few blocks away and closer to downtown, the foundation is being set for a new Fuel Maxx store at the former Thrif-Tee Food Center fueling station, located on the 1100 block of Main Street. Directly behind that station, on Monta Street, will be a new Sleep In motel.

An artist rendering shows the proposed design for a new Sleep In motel that will be built on Monta Street at Main.

Jarmon said the motel and the Fuel Maxx, as well as the former Thrif-Tee Food Center, are owned by the same developer, who also has plans to develop the former food center into other businesses.

The location for the new motel and stores was particularly appealing to the developer, Jarmon said.

“They were looking for a place that was central in town,” he said.

Jarmon said the developer is still “working through the process” with the city, so he could not provide a date for when construction of the motel will begin.

Further to the south on US 90 at Main Street, crews are working on the pad for another new convenience store. Jarmon said this one is owned by 7-11, which also owns the Stripes store at SH 146 (Main Street) and the SH 146 bypass.

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