Liberty County, City of Plum Grove agree to interlocal agreement for pothole repairs

On any given day, Plum Grove Road is congested with traffic. Most of the traffic is the result of the new subdivisions south of Plum Grove. (File photo)

The City of Plum Grove and Liberty County have finally hammered out an interlocal agreement that will provide a small amount of pothole repairs and mowing through Pct. 3 Commissioner David Whitmire’s office. The agreement was reached during the March 23 meeting but was rehashed during a meeting on March 30.

County Judge Jay Knight said that the County had gotten the “cart before the horse” with the last agreement and had to first approve a general agreement with the City of Plum Grove before entering into a specific agreement for the repairs. Last week’s agreement still stands, he said.

“Today we said we are going to work together to provide a little bit of maintenance. This is not an agreement to fix the roads. The City of Plum Grove will still be required to do that, but fixing a few potholes will make the roads a little better for the citizens,” Knight said.

The agreement approved last week provides minor road repairs and cleaning out ditches in exchange for a $300 monthly payment from the City of Plum Grove to Liberty County.

Knight admits having two interlocal agreements on County agendas within two weeks was a little confusing, but said it was necessary in order to follow the law.

“The agreement we approved last week is great but we couldn’t exercise it until this second interlocal agreement was approved by the court,” he said.

Commissioner Whitmire told Bluebonnet News Tuesday morning that he pushed for the first agreement because he felt something must be done to help the citizens of Plum Grove.

The roads in Plum Grove were badly damaged during Hurricane Harvey and other flooding events. Adding to the damage is the tremendous amount of traffic that is being forced onto the main roads in Plum Grove by the Colony Ridge subdivisions and additional school buses that shuttle children to and from the rapidly-growing communities.

In other business, commissioners heard from Colony Ridge developer Trey Harris regarding his plans to request a consolidation of Liberty County Municipal Management District (MMD) No. 1 and Liberty County Municipal Utility District (MUD) No. 1. Both tax entities are for properties within the Santa Fe Subdivision south of Plum Grove.

According to Knight, both entities have the same tax rate that is collected from within the districts. An MUD provides funding for the infrastructure, such as water, sewer and wastewater systems in areas where it otherwise would not be available. MMD funds may be used for fire, police and EMS services, road maintenance, drainage, parks and economic incentives to attract retail stores.

“Mr. Harris wants to do away with the MUD and make it all MMD. We don’t have a problem with that. He asked for a letter of support from the commissioners court and we can give him that, but he will also have to go to the State Legislature for approval. They are the ones who make the decision,” Knight said.

Commissioners also gave approval for fireworks to be sold in celebration of San Jacinto Day, which is celebrated this year on Wednesday, April 21. Fireworks stands across the county will be open for a few days leading up to the big event. Knight said that as long as the weather holds out, with no drought-like conditions or high winds, fireworks will be sold for use in the unincorporated areas of Liberty County. Cities generally do not allow the use of fireworks within city limits.


  1. what about the flooding? every since the Colony developments and destruction from hurricane Harvey still not taken care, homes that reside in that community for hundreds of years have been devastated by these said floods. how many times do they need to re build and loose their farm animals, loose their homes and personal belongings. what is the solution since you took away the wooded areas and natural ponds that would help to keep flooding at bay? where is the engineer to over see what and how to correct such. rebuild the woods. build elsewhere redo the bridge, fix the horrendous roads? what can you do to help these people? your the news ask these question’s.. would you want to watch your home go down twice? how would you feel when articles that fema buried on your property are coming up from the ground,, to continue the pain and anguish felt deep within your soul? how much do you think people can take, oh and lets not talk about the use of your homeowners that you pay for and they secretly up your costs as a punishment for using it? the punishment can last at least 4 years my $1300 + a year is not enough that you need to punish for us paying for the right to cover our home for protection. Please go to the City of Plum Gove an senators and congress and dept. of transportation and ask them what their game plan is for flooding in that area. This community needs the respect of the city and politician’s.. its not what is good for me to get what I want done what is good for the citizens that live that area need to be protected, these are why we pay taxes to keep our area safe n sound not to be lining such pockets.. aren’t we fed up with this type of government?
    set the example for other communities to follow, set an example to show that news can provide positive results if they follow the will of the people.. who rely on day you could be talking to a camera with no one watching the endless bs that corporations want you to talk about.

  2. JUDGE Knight..
    .apparently once again the “Cart was put before the horse”. Hmm why is this continuing to happen ,seems like pockets have been getting filled.
    What do you Jn think about this town? Is your home being FLOODED??
    Well sir. you will now be flooded with Exposure,
    the people of not just your town are tired or your inactive responses.
    Social media is now your KARMA.

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