Alleged human traffickers arrested in Splendora, 13 illegal immigrants released

A traffic stop by a state trooper on Monday, March 29, has resulted in human trafficking charges against two men and the detainment of 13 illegal immigrants. The incident took place at US 59 near FM 2090 in Splendora.

According to Sgt. Trooper Burse, a spokesperson for the Texas Department of Public Safety, during the traffic stop, the DPS trooper saw 13 passengers seated in the vehicle’s rear area. A roadside investigation determined the passengers were victims of human trafficking and were in the United States illegally.

The driver of the vehicle, Rube Ense Aguilar-Valdez, 37, of Maryland, and the passenger, Carlos Rene Aguilar-Baldes, 42, of Honduras, are now facing charges.

Rube Ense Aguilar-Valdez

Aguilar-Valdez is charged with Trafficking of Persons and Fraudulent Possession of Identifying Information. The fraud charge stems from having a fake driver’s license. He is being held in the Montgomery County Jail with bonds set at $55,000. The jail also lists his address in Conroe.

Aguilar-Baldes is charged with Trafficking of Persons. He also was taken to the Montgomery County Jail after his arrest but his arrest information can no longer be found on the jail website, suggesting he has either bonded out or has been detained by federal authorities.

The illegal immigrants who were in the vehicle have been released at the direction of federal agencies.

Burse said the investigation is ongoing and further details are not available at this time.


  1. So what is expected of the 13 people who suddenly found themselves on the side of 59 in the middle of the night? Is the county just going to sit back and wait for them to commit a second crime before they are arrested / rescued? These “Victims of human trafficking” (eyeroll) were just victimized a second time by Montgomery County. Would love to hear a Democrat defend this policy and explain how it’s in the best interest of US citizens and the criminals who invade our borders illegally.

  2. Incredible. Our country is being overrun with illegals and being cheered on by the total corruption of Washington. Scary times and the worst is yet to come.. 😡😡😡

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