Babin responds to President Biden’s joint address, first 100 days

U.S. Congressman Brian Babin (TX-36) released the following statement in response to President Biden’s Joint Address to Congress:

My reaction to President Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress can be summed up in three words: weak and boring.

This speech was nothing more than the usual Leftist banter of over promising and underdelivering. Unsurprisingly, neither the cost of his promises nor our $28 trillion federal debt were ever mentioned.

Despite him taking the credit, Biden inherited not only three effective COVID-19 vaccines, but also a rebounding economy from the Trump administration. While it’s mind-boggling that Democrats and the liberal media refuse to give President Trump any praise for his successful policies, it’s even more frustrating that Biden has spent his first 100 days in office undermining and unraveling every single one of those policies.

Clearly, unlike Trump who put Americans and a booming economy first, Biden’s number one priority is to push Green New Deal energy-destroying policies despite the fact that they will kill millions of jobs and force hard-working Americans to depend more on the federal government just to make ends meet.

It is unacceptable that at no time during his 65-minute speech did the president mention solving his self-inflicted border crisis. Americans, and migrants, continue to be put in danger because of his reckless rhetoric and open-border policies, yet he consistently shows us that he does not care.

The only thing Biden made clear last night is that his inaugural promise of bipartisanship has gone out of the window and that the radical Left is in full control. Unquestionably, he and his cronies plan to force through their socialistic agenda to empower Washington at the expense of the American people.

Let’s be clear: Policies that attack our God-given freedoms, make us more reliant on government handouts, drain our coffers, and destroy our borders will never create a stronger, freer, and more prosperous union.

Simply put, last night’s tone-deaf speech further highlights that this administration is utterly failing America, and you deserve better.

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Before creating Bluebonnet News in 2018, Vanesa Brashier was a community editor for the Houston Chronicle/Houston Community Newspapers. During part of her 12 years at the newspapers, she was assigned as the digital editor and managing editor for the Humble Observer, Kingwood Observer, East Montgomery County Observer and the Lake Houston Observer, and the editor of the Dayton News, Cleveland Advocate and Eastex Advocate. Over the years, she has earned more than two dozen writing awards, including Journalist of the Year.


  1. Yes,let’s be clear that you’re still crying and lying about Donald Duck, Biden first order of business is to clean out all the MANURE Trump piled up in 4years. He “WAS “THE”worst president in American history. Certified Lunatic and his followers. Bye.

  2. It is sad to know that there are people as ignorant or dishonest as Wayne. The brave men and women who sacrificed their time, money and lives for our freedom over the past couple of centuries so that our country’s citizens would have liberty and freedom are rolling over in their graves seeing the number of traitors and stupid people who are living among us. Biden and his minions are attempting to turn our country into a socialist/communist country. That is an undisputable fact! Obviously Biden thinks that will benefit him personally (even more than it already has) if he is able to rationally think at all which is another problem this nation faces. Those who support him have no knowledge of the history of the world and/or the U.S.A. or don’t care about history. They just want free stuff. That is sad to those of us who are honest, hard working, tax paying citizens who want our country to be free and the politicians to be responsive to our concerns.
    Although Trump rubbed some people the wrong way (me included) with occasional arrogance (however, it is not bragging if it is true), no one can argue the fact that he clearly got the country straightened out and pointed in the right direction. He managed to fight off the constantly backstabbing career swamp creatures in our government who are at every corner who have been creating chaos and stealing from the American people for decades with little or no resistance due to having powerful people strategically placed in different departments and agencies. He called them out and exposed them and thus became the #1 enemy. The people he identified do not care about the well being of this nation, only about enriching themselves and accumulating power. Had Trump not served as President this country would still be in total lockdown and the American economy totally destroyed which is exactly the goal of the communist regime of China (which is Biden’s close friend and source of wealth for him and his corrupt family). Thank God who gave us Trump- the right man at the right time to save our country. Without his skills as a businessman who knew how to get things done and remove the obstacles constantly thrown in front of him; this country would already be destroyed. We are in imminent danger from that happening still if the good citizens continue to allow the destruction of our constitution and the protections afforded from same. The corruption and hypocrisy of the Democrats and the media are astonishing. Even more astonishing is the number of ignorant people too dumb (or uninformed) to realize what is happening in real time and that they are being manipulated and used as pawns in an evil plan.

  3. I know the history the history as many others, but many don’t want to even discuss it, they like to keep it swept under the rug. I wasn’t born yesterday MIKE, I love this country and have served this country,but our history is ugly as any other starting with native Americans slaughtered and land stolen, slavery in America and they have the Gall to try and tell other countries about their human rights policies. And for Trump, the biggest snake in His Swamp a total idiot, Putin played him like a Fiddle, an embarrassment to the United States forever.

  4. Wayne- we can agree that the native Americans (Indians) and the blacks got a raw deal and were mistreated. However, that was many, many years ago and is well documented. No one alive today had anything to do with what took place that many years ago. This country has spent decades and much of our national treasure trying to make amends for past acts. We can learn from our mistakes and move on or dwell on them and encourage trash talking this country which does no one any good. As bad as some elements of this country is, it is still the best country in the world for the time being- unless the liberal democrats succeed in destroying it which is their ultimate goal. Hopefully you will realize just how nasty and corrupt they really are and stand up as a man who loves this country and wants it to be successful.
    BTW, you are totally wrong about Putin “playing Trump”- quite the opposite. He is extremely sharp and seldom gets fooled by anyone for very long. His instincts are what make him successful in whatever he undertakes. You do not have to like him but you must admit he was a very successful President and accomplished a great deal during his time in office. History will bear this out.

  5. Mike, nothing personal against you. you said I’m wrong, I said you’re wrong. Lol,it’s just two different opinions but I think sometimes we are getting BS from Republicans and Democrats. Neither one is squeaky clean, don’t be fooled,and both sides knows which buttons to push. And in the long run we ordinary hard working citizens paying these politicians salaries, they pick one of their Plush homes to go to and sip cocktails while you and I argue on their behalf. It’s crazy Mike. An Independent is looking better all the time. Fairwell.

  6. And what is Babin doing to help? They have nothing, if they have nothing to complain about, push back against, and say No to. Trump is no longer president (was he ever?) and Babin just can’t shut up about him nor take his lips off Trump’s ass. This is leadership? This is what you morons voted for? He says all the right words (freedom, liberty, God, rights etc) with no context, and like Pavlov’s dogs you all respond as expected. You’ve been played by right wing hate media for decades now… wake up & vote this clown out so we can get some real representation & forward motion in this ass backwards place.

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