Dayton ISD names Bankhead as new head basketball coach

Coach Rodrick Bankhead

Dayton ISD is excited to announce the hiring of former Bronco and current Dayton ISD Coach Rodrick Bankhead to the position of Head Basketball Coach. 

Coach Bankhead is a 2004 graduate of Dayton High School and a graduate of Stephen F. Austin University.  He has spent the last eight years filling various roles as a junior high coach and high school basketball assistant. 

For the last three years, Coach Bankhead has filled the role as the Junior High Boy’s Athletic Coordinator, along with his position as a high school basketball assistant.  

“Coach Bankhead brings unbelievable passion and love for Dayton to whatever he is doing. His ability to reach kids and make them feel like an important part of the team regardless of their age, position on the team or ability is just one of the many things that Coach Bankhead brings to our athletic department,” said Athletic Director Jeff Nations. “I am excited to see Coach Bankhead grow as a leader and as a basketball coach, but more than that I am excited to have him be an example for our young athletes in all of our sports and hallways.”

For Bankhead, the promotion seems surreal especially since he grew up in and went to school in Dayton. He said he is honored to be given this opportunity.

“We, as a program, will be committed 100 percent to our student-athletes and will lead by example with a family-first culture. I’m excited to have some great senior leadership with Houston Gault, Logan Carnes, Donavan Orebo, Isaac Ramirez, Ryan Wilson, and some additions to the team Camron Cooper and Cam’ron Willis. Basketball is more than just an extra-curricular activity to me; I believe it is a transformational experience that develops young men into great leaders of our future,” Bankhead said. 

When asked about the coaches who have influenced him, Bankhead named Coach Geoff McCracken, Coach Travis Young and Coach Ron Wilson for inspiring him to become a coach.

“All three taught me that you can always change or build who you are today to be a better man tomorrow. They always believed in me when some people would not. They were my role models as a kid and still are my role models today,” he said.

Bankhead believes in bringing a “lunch pail, hard hat” kind of attitude to practice and games every day. His vision for his teams is build a defensive, tough mentality from starting with the Little Dribblers program and throughout high school.

Having coached Bankhead while in school, Dayton High School Principal Geoff McCracken said, “It makes me extremely proud that Rodrick Bankhead will be leading the Boys Basketball Program. As his former coach, I could not be happier for him. He was one of those kids that I developed a strong bond with while he was in school and that has continued since he began working in Dayton ISD.  Coach Bankhead has always been a person of high character.  He will be a great leader and role model for our young men.”

District leaders believe that one of the greatest attributes that Coach Bankhead will bring to this position is relationship building.  He is an advocate for youth sports and will work closely with DYSA to help develop the young talent that is in Dayton. Bankhead is certainly eager to get started and the District is ready to support him in his endeavors.

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