Liberty’s Milentz named BBB Student of Integrity

The Better Business Bureau Serving Southeast Texas announced the names today of the students who earned the Student of Integrity Scholarships, awarded by the BBB Education Foundation. The honorees were selected by a team of independent judges from candidates representing an 8 and half county region.

The designees will receive a one-time, $2,500 scholarship payable to the college, trade school or university they will be attending in Fall 2021.

The graduating high school seniors named Student of Integrity: Brynn Baker, Lumberton HS; Lauren Eaves, West Brooks HS; Kent Liu, West Brooks HS; and Ashley Milentz, Liberty HS. 

Brynn will be attending Lamar University in the fall and plans on majoring in electrical engineering. Brynn is planning on accepting an internship that will allow her to travel and gain valuable insight and experience for her career before hopefully finding a local business to build her career within Southeast Texas.

Lauren plans to attend Tulane University later this year. With her passions in environmental sustainability and advocacy, she plans on majoring in Environmental Science as well as Political Science and International Relations. Lauren believes these majors will provide the foundation for her knowledge and understanding of environmental issues and solutions, as well as further develop her analytical thinking and critical reasoning skills.

Kent will be attending Columbia University where he will be majoring in chemistry. Post graduating college, he will pursue medical school, where he will prepare for a career as an anesthesiologist. As Kent obtains his degrees and begins his career, he hopes to give back by serving in the communities around him, no matter where he may end up.

Ashley plans to attend Baylor University this fall, where she will be majoring in Biology.  She will then attend medical school to pursue a career as an ophthalmologist. Ashley’s desire to become an ophthalmologist stems from her fascination with vision and its capabilities as well as her passion to help others.

This is the third year for BBB SETX’s Student of Integrity program. The students will be recognized on June 10th at the 2021 BBB Torch Awards at the Beaumont Civic Center. 

BBB Southeast Texas President/CEO Liz Fredrichs said, “The entire BBB SETX community congratulates the 2021 scholarship winners for exhibiting character-ethics that will help them to persevere not only in their next level of education, but as future leaders that impact our local marketplace and our organizations.”

BBB’s Education Foundation will host the annual Torch Award for Ethics on Thursday, June10th at the Beaumont Civic Center at 6pm. BBB will be honoring local leadership in integrity in business. The night will feature dinner, entertainment and a live auction. The events proceeds go towards our scholarship program and the 2021 event is sponsored in part by Newtron and Classic Southeast Texas Auto.

Individual tickets are $85 with table sponsorships at $750. Tickets and registration at .  More on Student of Integrity:

The BBB Consumer Education Foundation is a 501 c (3) nonprofit of BBB Serving Southeast Texas.


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    Also, what is going on there?? Steve Chandler passed away and Ashley’s vision is “vision”. For all of those “new timers”, Steve fitted me with glasses AND I was Treas of Liberty Lion’s Club (their mission was the “Eye Bank”).

    The problem is, folks, that history has been “erased”. Like, the last Pandemic 100 years.

    GodSpeed, as they say. Only, you have to mean it, and not just say it.

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