Letter to the community: City leaders encouraging COVID-19 vaccinations

An open letter to our citizens of Cleveland, Dayton and Liberty:

In light of the reluctance that some folks may have in presenting themselves for the COVID-19 vaccinations, we are strongly encouraging all of our citizens to get vaccinated with the Pfizer shots, the Moderna shots or the single doze from Johnson and Johnson.

The vaccinations have been shown to be very effective in protecting those who receive the recommended doses and we very much want as many of our citizens who are medically eligible to take the shots. The science behind the vaccines is proven, is sound and is indisputable.

The mainstream medical community is solidly behind the need and the benefits, to not only those who receive the shots but also the neighbors and friends of all the recipients.

If you have not already done so, seek out a vaccination site or facility – the doses are now readily available to virtually all. Be kind to yourself and considerate of your family and all those who you may come in contact with. Take a shot or shots for you and them.

Thanks for the cooperation.


Caroline Wadzeck, mayor of Dayton
Richard Boyett, mayor of Cleveland
Carl Pickett, mayor of Liberty


  1. Maaaaaaaybe when the FDA approves the vaccine. Until then, no f#@*ing way.. Isn’t the “pandemic” over anyway??

  2. I don’t care if the FDA approved it, I’m still not getting it. I mean, come on, some places they are paying people to take it, some places are offering free food for getting it, companies throwing vaccine parties, etc. Why?? I mean, hey, woohoo! I got my Flu and a Tetanus shot, can I get some money and free food and a party? Biden/Harris/Media/CDC/WHO/FDA/BILL GATES and all those other big shots can take the vaccines and shove ’em down their own throats!

  3. Yessir, because I dun seen it on Fox News I ain’t gettin’ no commie vaxine! Them libruls r tryin ta control my body n my mind – when it’s dang clear that Q’s already in there! How DARE anyone tell ME whut ta think! I think fer mahself, Sean Hannity told me so!

    You people are f’n morons.

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