Autopsy results inconclusive in possible dragging death case in Liberty County

An autopsy performed Thursday, June 17, on the body of Roman Rodriguez, 60, of Rye, has determined that he died as a result of trauma. However, questions remain about whether Rodriguez died as a result of a beating with a baseball bat or died as he was being dragged for a mile behind his own vehicle.

The inconclusive results will not change the charges in this case, according to Capt. Billy Knox, LCSO spokesperson. Authorities have charged 36-year-old Robert Eugene Hoffpauir and his 56-year-old mother, Timey Ann Cole, both of Rye.

Hoffpauir is in the Liberty County Jail on charges of Murder and Abuse of a Corpse and Cole is jailed on charges of Tampering or Fabricating Physical Evidence With Intent to Impair and Abuse of a Corpse. Hoffpauir’s total bonds are set at $1,010,000 while Cole’s bonds are a combined $40,000.

Investigators have also taken into evidence a baseball bat they believed was used by Hoffpauir to violently assault Rodriguez at Cole’s home in the Big Thicket Lake Estates on Saturday, June 12. After being beaten, Rodriguez was strapped to the back of his own vehicle using a strap around his waist and then dragged to a wooded location a mile away where his vehicle was torched.

The victim’s body was discovered by firefighters after an emergency 911 call reported the vehicle fire. A trail of blood that extended from Cole’s home to Rodriguez’s body was immediately visible to investigators.

According to previous reports from the sheriff’s office, it is believed that Cole and Rodriguez had been romantically linked at some point in the past.

The autopsy was conducted at the Jefferson County morgue in Beaumont with Texas Ranger Joshua Benson and a Liberty County sheriff’s forensics investigator present.


  1. I don’t understand how someone could savagely beat someone to death , then drag his body down the road!?!!

    Twisted person

    People like this live near us


  2. What drives these people to destroy their lives?

    Drugs? Is it drugs?!!?

    How awful

    Bad choices in their lives

    Thank God our mother taught us better Not to be involved with atrocious things

    Breaking The Law

  3. Its sad and horrible 😞 to do this to anyone .much less a 60 year old I hope they spend the rest of there lifes behind bars and wake up every day and be remind of the horrible acts they have done .justice needs to be served. Prayers for the victim family 👪

  4. It’s sad to say but that same murderer did the same thing to his mother about 2 months ago beat her badly drug her in the woods took off and left her for dead any one try to kill there own mother will kill anyone but the sad part is the mother went to the police and reported what son did and police did nothing said it was under investigation if they would of looked into this it might have saved a life so the police has a part in this they should have done there job with this murderer a few years back his step father supposely committed suicide but robert huffphier got drunk and admitted he done it for pills drugs open cases and look into he committed more murders and tried to kill his mother beat her drug her into the woods took all her clothes off and left her for dead

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