Liberty-Dayton Regional Medical Center contracts with Acumera for added protection of patient records, guard against cybersecurity

Liberty-Dayton Regional Medical Center in Liberty has selected Acumera’s NES service, along with Acumera’s Enhanced Security Services tools to protect its systems and data.

Acumera is installing its comprehensive network solutions in alignment with LDRMC’s goal to “acquire new technology to protect business assets and guard against cybersecurity threats.”

Rhonda Campbell, CEO for the hospital, said, “Healthcare records are a very valuable commodity to cyber thieves. The coronavirus has changed the methods of healthcare delivery with the use of telemedicine and other technology. There has been a significant increase in cyberattacks and hackers penetrating lax systems with the intent of obtaining important personal data and PHI, then using it for identity theft and a multitude of other things. Secure systems to mitigate these attacks are vital to healthcare facilities.”

Acumera’s Chairman and CEO William Morrow, added, “With the rise in cybersecurity attacks on healthcare companies, Acumera looks forward to partnering with Liberty-Dayton Regional Medical Center to successfully carry out its commitment to protecting network systems and devices, and safeguarding sensitive data.”

LDRMC will also access Acumera’s network operations center and AcuVigil Dashboard – a cloud-based management platform that provides port-level visibility of all network devices and a catalog of edge computing workloads for monitoring, analytics, security and more.

Liberty Dayton Regional Medical Center is a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital serving the medical needs of Liberty County and surrounding areas.

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