Found: ‘Hercules’ comes home

UPDATE: A Yorkie dog that was missing in Liberty since Aug. 12 is now home with his owners.

According to Chance Maddox, a member of the family that owns the dog, Hercules was recovered from a mobile home park on Main Street in Liberty. The persons who had the dog reportedly told Maddox that they found Hercules wandering the streets and brought him home.

According to Maddox, the persons who returned the dog said they discovered he belonged to someone after seeing a shared post on Facebook.

Maddox said he believes the post that was shared on Bluebonnet News on Monday, Aug. 16, led to his safe recovery. Maddox thanked everyone for sharing the post.

Original post:

A cute Yorkie that answers to the name Hercules is missing. He disappeared on Aug. 12 from Maple and Yupon streets in Liberty.

His family is offering a cash reward to anyone who brings him home safely.

For more information, call 936-402-8042 or 346-233-7017.

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