Body of missing UPS driver found in Walker County

Charles H. "Chuck" McQuary

After exhaustive searches, the body of a missing UPS delivery driver was found Thursday in Walker County, Texas.

Charles “Chuck” McQuary, 56, had been missing since Aug. 2 after he failed to show up for his 9 a.m. shift in Cleveland, Texas. A resident of Zulch, Texas, McQuary’s disappearance was first reported in his home county of Madison County, Texas. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office issued a public appeal for information following his disappearance.

Authorities were particularly concerned about his safety after family members reportedly found a suicide note and a last will and testament among his belongings.

Madison County Sheriff’s Office also recovered McQuary’s vehicle. His body was taken to Fort Bend County for autopsy.

A spokesperson for the Madison County Sheriff’s Office said the only information the agency is releasing right now is that McQuary’s body and vehicle were found. More information will be released after the autopsy and the investigation are concluded.

McQuary had developed a lot of close friendships and acquaintances in Liberty County as he delivered packages in the Cleveland and Tarkington area. His co-worker and friend, Karena Hunter, said the last couple of weeks have been hard for everyone who loved him.

“I have worked beside Chuck for almost 18 years. I actually had to come off my Tarkington route for a little while because it just doesn’t feel right to be there without him. I just needed a little break from everyone asking about him,” said Hunter. “I plan to be back next week.”

Hunter, who helped in the searches, said McQuary was a friend to everyone he met and was looking forward to retiring in a few years.

“He was always happy. He was proud that he and his wife had just built a new barndominium and he had just stocked his pond. He loved working around his house and always bragged on his kids and wife,” Hunter said. “There were no signs that things might have been going wrong for him.”

Authorities are hoping the autopsy report will determine if McQuary died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds or if foul play is involved.


  1. I have known Chuck since he was 6 years old. His mother, Anne, was a close friend of mine. I remember him as one of the sweetest kids in Dayton. Always a beautiful smile and great personality. I am so sad to hear of his passing. My thoughts and prayers are with his entire family, friends and co-workers at UPS.

  2. So sorry to hear this.
    I’ve known and loved this family for 40+ years !!
    Nicest folks EVER !!
    My heart goes out to u all !! ❣️

  3. My prayers go out to the family may god keep his family strong and friends who love him so sad to hear what happen Jackie Fedex lady

  4. This is very sad. I’ve know Chuck for several years, as he was my UPS delivery for several years. He always took pride in his job too, and was very professional but personable, as well. Praying for his family, friends, UPS family, and communities he impacted.

  5. We’re so sorry to hear this about Chuck. My husband Kevin worked with Chuck at UPS for over 20 plus years. Our Condolences and Continued Prayers to his family, his UPS family and friends. Kevin and Emma Mckinney 🙏♥️🙏.

  6. I worked with Chuck out of the Conroe ups center and golfed with him a couple times. He was a very good man.

  7. So Sorry to hear this. We had been praying for safe return, this is heart breaking, continued prayers 🙏.

  8. Chuck Mc Quary was from my a small town if Dayton , Texas .. He was a living breathe of fresh air to all that knew him and met him .
    Mental Health was nit something Chuck suffered in all the many years I knew him … But no one knows what goes on behind the eyes and mind of another outside their Souls…
    Chucks life was admired by us all …. let’s keep each other aware of devastating mental health is today during some of the scariest times in United States history….it has effected the American People in away that no one can possibly fathem …with that said, if Chuck was severely depressed ..He never let it show …
    And we all should take a minute of silence in prayer and pray not only for Chuck and his reasons for his life’s abrupt departure in this sort of nature….but also pray for the many lives that are effected by mental health mourning his precious life.
    To all of you that knew Chuck personally and To his Family and Business Associates :
    Chuck Mc Quary was a favorite being that was comical, happy ,caring , responsible and loving to every face he met out there on the job … He put his life and Family first always and this is so hard to accept right now for everyone that knew him
    Chuck loved you all…..and never would intentionally harm a single one of you ..He loved life.

    Let’s make a stand against the most important fact in this case …Is not knowing .

    You can have the most perfect World outside but when mental health issues begin to take over t’s deadly and requires Professional Counseling , there is signs that are obvious and temperment change is the first of many mood swings that are important to be aware of.
    Some people never know they have a mental health issue until it’s to late……
    Robin Williams, the Actor, once said …
    You can be in a world full of happiness but on the inside be filled with sadness….
    I pray for Chuck Mc Quary’s Family and Friends…
    Chuck was very happy….and never would he want you to be sad.

    Farewell to a good lifelong Friend of my own Family.
    You’ll be remembered as you were in our hearts….
    Life will never change our minds how much you loved life in our lives….
    Peace be with you, Chuck.

    The Copeland Family

    • Amen to your comments. As I had said in an earlier comment I met Chuck when he was 6 years old. His mother, Anne, was a dear friend of mine. I knew that Chuck was adopted at birth in San Antonio. I am wondering if he may have inherited the tendancy to be depressed from one of his biological parents. I know for sure that Bobby and Anne raised him and his brother Scott in a loving Christian family. I also know Chuck was loved and respected by many people throughout his life. My thoughts and prayers are with all of his family, friends and co-workers at UPS. Scott, if you are reading this just know my heart felt condolences are with you and your family.

  9. What’s with his wife?

    why didn’t she report him missingWhen she see he didn’t come home?

    Why didn’t she give them the note when she first found it?

    And why did his job and coworkers have to come and see that he was missing?


  10. Very fishy! I’d say a wife that’s overwhelmed, and he took it deep inside like he’s caused her problems. Couldn’t live with the thought of her not loving him, prob acted like theirs someone BBC else and boom this happens! It’s happened to several men I know! Women Ed men are easy just want you happy. We don’t like confortation, fighting, worrying if your gonna leave us, if we’re in a bad mood doesnt mean toward you! If we put avring on the finger it means 4 ever, we get over things within 20 minutes we don’t hold onto anger as most women do! trust in each other, don’t mess with a mans mind! Or this happens! Because we love that much! He couldn’t make her happy I’d say!

  11. I’d also say she was menapause check her age you’ll see! Ask any man who’s made it threw this completely woman turn heartless, and we take it to heart as we caused you this much pain! Wake up women, between age 40-57 you will about kill a man if married if you don’t get help! I cant figure it out it changes women they say to hate their husband, it’s a cop out!for attention That will be next talk!

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