Liberty County judge facing health crisis

Liberty County Court at Law No. 2 Wes Hinch and wife, Kimber, shared an update from Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston on Saturday where he is recuperating from a brain bleed.

Liberty County Court at Law No. 2 Judge Wes Hinch is receiving care in the Neurological ICU at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston after he developed a brain bleed on Thursday.

His wife, Kimber, explained on Saturday that the next 7-14 days are critical.

“They are monitoring very closely for re-bleeds and strokes. They put in a drain to help relieve the pressure and performed an angiogram,” she shared on Facebook. “They were not able to pinpoint the bleed.”

Another angiogram will be performed in seven days, which hopefully will help doctors isolate the area of the brain where the bleed originated.

“He has been in excruciating pain up until a little while ago,” Kimber said Saturday afternoon. “They gave him a steroid that made a huge difference in the pain. He went from a 10 to a 5 after the steroid.”

She added that Judge Hinch is awake and talking, and there does not appear to be any neurological damage at this point.

“I was able to see him for two hours late last night and today, thanks to an angel [who] I will never be able to repay for this precious gift that made it all possible. I am beyond grateful for that,” Kimber said.

For now, she knows her husband’s wellbeing is in the hands of doctors and God. She asked that the community continue to keep him in their prayers.

“We are relying on our good, good Father to bring healing to Wes. To God be the glory for His will is perfect. We will praise Him through it all. Please continue to pray for my sweet, precious [and] amazing husband. We love you all,” she said.


  1. Wes is a good man. God will take care of him. But please get him out of Hermann and to Methodist. Get Dr. Taylor Gist as his doctor if possible.

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