Accident claims life of Liberty woman

Shortly before midnight Saturday, Aug. 28, an accident occurred on FM 770 in Raywood that ultimately claimed the life of a 43-year-old Liberty woman, Angel Marie Smart.

Angel and her husband, Kevin, who was driving, were traveling south on FM 770 in a 2021 Jeep Wrangler. As they entered a curve, Kevin crossed the opposite lane of travel and overturned in the ditch, authorities said.

Angel, who was not wearing a seatbelt, was ejected from the vehicle, according to Sgt. Rob Willoughby, head of the Liberty County office for the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Kevin Smart

Angel was taken to Liberty-Dayton Regional Medical Center where she was pronounced dead. Her husband was not seriously injured, Willoughby added.

Kevin Smart, 45, has been charged with Intoxication Manslaughter and is in the Liberty County Jail awaiting a bond hearing.


  1. Many of us have an unfounded belief that we become 10 foot tall and bulletproof when we drink. Folks this is a solemn reminder of the consequences of our own actions.

  2. This is so very heartbreaking for everyone that knows this couple. My thoughts and prayers are with the Smart and Vinson families and Angel’s family.

    • I am so very sorry that your family has suffered such a tremendous loss. I will keep all of you in my prayers.

    • You think the news site posting about this tragedy, informing others of the reality of drunk driving, is what hurt your grandchildren? What about your son driving drunk with her in the car without a seatbelt? Isn’t that the main issue that hurt them? Why is our society so obsessed with blaming others for our issues? The persons to blame are the drunk driver and seatbelt-less passenger who rode with a drunk driver. Learn from their mistakes and pray for the children.

      • Kevin’s parents are Mike Smart and the late Peggy Rae Vinson. Please get your facts straight before hurling nasty comments to grieving family members. Shame on you “ImSoSorryForYourLoss Mom”.

      • What an ignorant comment. The fact is the family asked for privacy. Plain and simple. I bet your a winner in your family. No one blamed the news for the accident what an ignorant assumption you got. Her mother is grieving and you have the audacity to post something like that and think you are someone in this world to respond to her directly. They wanted to have privacy you pos. Move on and keep your disgusting comments to yourself.

  3. Gosh people. This is a news site and most of us expect the news to be printed. The intent is not to hurt people but to inform. To withold news is censorship.

    • Bad signs, good signs, really don’t matter when you drive drunk and ride with drunks unsecured. And to add to the private issue, nothing in this world is private anymore. It’s an unfortunate situation that could have been avoided and now it’s an educational story of what happens when you drink and drive and don’t wear you seat belt

  4. Prayers way up for this family. We have known them since 2005 and all of our kids pre school days. Angel was literally an Angel as she was a nurse for children. This is a tragedy. God be with Kevin as he deals as well as Lexi and Logan.

  5. Angel was one of the nurses to my beloved son while he fought against cancer at Texas Children’s Hospital. She was truly an angel, great professional and amazing and sweet person. She will be so missed and will have our forever gratitude and love!
    Sending love and prayers to the family as they go through this terrible loss. May The Lord comfort your hearts. RIP Angel! ❤️🙏

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