Senior Sunrise celebrated at Dayton High School

Dayton High School seniors watch the sun come up together for Senior Sunrise on Sept. 2.

For most people, senior year is all about making memories and having the time of their lives. Everyone looks forward to senior year and the final days they will spend with their childhood friends.

There are many set traditions like football games and prom for students, but due to the pandemic and the restrictions it caused the last year, many schools are trying to think outside the proverbial box by starting new traditions to include many more students. 

On that note, Dayton High School began its first annual Senior Sunrise last Thursday, Sept. 2, 2021.

Dayton High School seniors attended Senior Sunrise on Sept. 2.

Seniors, along with the DHS BUILD Committee and counselors, met at the Bronco baseball field at 6 a.m. to fellowship together. A Senior Sunrise symbolizes the beginning of the end.

More than 100 seniors watched the sunrise together, making memories that will tie them for life, and enjoyed a breakfast provided by the staff.


  1. Would have been nice for last years seniors. They didn’t get to do anything to celebrate there last year it all got taken away due to Covid.

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