Internet outages reported in parts of Liberty and Hardin counties

Verizon Wireless and Frontier Communications say they are aware of an interruption in Internet service to parts of Liberty County but have not provided an estimated time of when service will be restored. Bluebonnet News readers in Hardin, Moss Hill, Daisetta, Saratoga and Batson say their Internet service was suddenly disconnected around 10 a.m. Friday.

The problem appears to be related to a service provider, though the cause of the interruption is still unclear.

A spokesperson for Verizon Wireless, Diana Alvear, said, “Verizon uses another fiber provider in the area to carry information between its cell sites and the core network. An issue with that provider’s network is affecting Verizon service in the area.”

Bluebonnet News is awaiting an official response from Frontier Communications. However, in speaking to customers, Frontier’s customer service employees, said, “We do apologize for the inconvenience going on at the moment, but we’re experiencing a major loss of service in your area that is impacting your service. The issues was just reported to the Outage Team so the Technician can go to troubleshoot. Once this issue is resolved you’ll receive an notification stating ‘Service Restore.'”

To report an outage to Verizon, call 800-922-0204 from a working phone or 611 using your Verizon phone from a location not affected by the outage. For Frontier Communications, call 1-800-921-8101 to hear a recorded message about outages in your area. Then choose the option to receive a text message when service is restored.

Updates will be posted as they become available.


  1. Sparklight was out yesterday afternoon well into the night. They still want their money even though they failed to supply their product.

  2. That sucks. I don’t have difficulty at all with my fiber optic cable internet out in far west Texas. Also: what about that Arizona audit?!? tRump loses AGAIN. hahahahahaha

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