Liberty County DA’s office funds tactical training for law enforcement officers

Liberty County law enforcement officers were put through the paces of tactical training last week at the Cleveland Civic Center.

Dozens of law enforcement officers representing several agencies across Liberty County took part in Control and Arrest Tactics training last week at the Cleveland Civic Center.

During the two-day course, they learned ways to safely react during an arrest with a combative person. The course is meant to teach officers ways of preserving their own safety and the wellbeing of a subject being arrested.

“With everything going on with law enforcement, such as people calling to defund police and officers being under constant scrutiny, this training is another tool for them to use to do their jobs safely,” said Liberty County District Attorney Jennifer Bergman, whose office funded the class. “The DA’s office paid for up to 30 spots and it was open to any law enforcement agency in the county. Cleveland Police Department and Constable Zack Harkness hosted the training.”

Law enforcement officers go through tactical training.

The DA said it was a “hands-on class where rookie officers learned a lot of new information and veteran officers got refreshers and learned new things.”

Charlie Mike with Charlie Mike Enterprises taught the class. Afterward, he offered high praise for the DA’s office.

“In all my years of law enforcement, I never worked in an area with a district attorney like Liberty County’s, Jennifer Bergman. Her office purchased all the seats for the course. I’ve had DAs give legal update classes, report writing, even jury presentation courses but never a course built around officer safety,” he posted on Facebook.

Mike said the training gives officers “another tool in the tool belt” before having to escalate to lethal force. He plans to return to Liberty County in November to teach a basic SWAT class to local law enforcement agencies.


  1. Great idea at a time where there are so many bad actors who feel like they “have the right” to resist and try to hurt or get away from law enforcement officers because they have fried their brains with illegal drugs or alcohol or may simply have been raised poorly by their parents.

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