Released on bond, Liberty County murder suspect now charged with second felony crime

Depina, Samuel Ferrerio

Authorities in Liberty County have arrested a murder suspect who is out on bond for a March 2020 shooting death in the Montibello Subdivision south of Plum Grove.

Samuel Ferrerio Depina, 18, of Kingwood, the accused gunman in the murder, was arrested for a second, unrelated charge of Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity on Oct. 4.

According to Capt. Billy Knox, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, the new charge against Depina is not related to the murder and has to do with contraband items at the county jail, though Knox could not say exactly what items Depina is alleged to have smuggled into the jail.

Following the second arrest, Knox said that Depina was brought before a magistrate and given a second bond. He has since posted bond and been released. His bond information for the new charge is not posted on the jail website. However, the information shows that Depina posted a $1 million bond after his March 2020 arrest.

In his arrest from March 2020, Depina is accused of killing Aiden Walker. Earlier reports of the murder suggest that theft may have been the motive of the shooting. The murder took place inside a home on CR 2557 in the Montibello Subdivision. The victim reported the shooting to authorities before dying while still connected to the 911 dispatcher. Two other persons were charged in the murder case and are awaiting trial.

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  1. A murder suspect should never be allowed out on bond and if they are their bond should be forfeited if they reoffend prior to their court sentencing. This would remove the no consequence results of posting bond for these thugs. Their parents may love them but law abiding citizens do not and shouldn’t have to fear them because they choose to thumb their noses at our laws and are allowed to do so by “the system”.

  2. There is more to it and he was a KID when this happened. I totally agree with you both, but I do feel that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. Why don’t you do a look into the victims past, then look into the accused past. That’s what I do before I make a public statement about current circumstances or news articles.

  3. Calling a premeditated murderer a kid is a strange excuse for allowing him back on the streets. Depina was a month away from turning 18 years old when he shot the unarmed victim six times. The victim identified his murderer to the 911 operator and begged her to send help. He died while on the phone with her. Depina was arrested for capital murder and a million dollar bond was set. His accomplices were older and also charged with capital murder. Our legal system should be more careful about allowing violent criminals out before their trials.

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