Cleveland ISD voters reject $150 million bond referendum

Voters rejected Cleveland ISD’s $150 million bond proposal in an election on Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021.

“On behalf of the students, teachers and staff in Cleveland ISD, thank you to the Cleveland ISD community for exercising your right to vote in the Bond Election on the November 2, 2021 ballot. Although the November 2021 Bond proposal did not pass, the district will re-evaluate its options and continue to educate our students to the very best of our ability,” said Chris Trotter, superintendent of schools. 

Cleveland ISD is the fastest growing school district in the state. The proposed use of funds from this bond call was to build another high school campus to address overcrowding issues at Cleveland High School. Further, it would have provided community high schools in both the northern and southern portion of the school district.

“Although we are disappointed in the outcome of the election, we remain committed to providing a quality education to all students, while being good stewards of the community’s tax dollars. As always, we appreciate our parents and community and value your input,” said Board President Willie Carter. 

The Board will ratify election results at its board meeting on Nov. 15, 2021, at 6:00 PM in the Cleveland ISD Administration Building.

See election results for Liberty County below:

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  1. This is so unfortunate for the students in CISD. Kids are in classrooms with 40 plus students! As a parent of students here I’m outraged by this. Why would you vote against our kids? Your taxes were not going up! Do your research!

      • I’m assuming that you do not have students in the school district or you would know that Pine Burr Elementary was built with the 200 million bond you speak of and holds over 1,000 students. With that same bond a middle school is being built that will hold over 2,000 students. There is a new elementary school being built off of 2025 as well. I know it must be really hard living under a rock but you really should get out and visit our schools to see for yourself.

    • On the ballot it said ” The imposition of a tax to pay the principal and interest on the bonds. this is a tax increase”

      • That language is required by the state regardless of actual tax increases. There was no tax increase in the bond.

  2. This is absolutely unbelievable. Every campus is overcrowded!!! Our kids deserve better! Shame on those who voted against this. I would much rather my tax dollars be spent on an actual school vs. more portables.

    • Shame? The people that voted did their civic duty. There is absolutely no shame in that. The people that voted, voted for what they believe to be right. No shame at all.

  3. Let’s buy more portables because that’s a great investment! Said no one, ever!!! Our tax dollars going down the drain!

  4. Force your Congressional representatives to pass a law giving the employers of illegals, illegals, and those who assist illegals 10 years in federal prison and your school overcrowding will be solved. No one will hire an illegal to save a few bucks when they face 10 years.

  5. This is not just a CISD problem. The surrounding school districts better be preparing because Trey Harris is buying land all over this area. That grass isn’t going to look as green when you are getting 100 or more new students every week. Yeah, good luck with that.

  6. it is unfair to increase taxes on people on social security! the city council is LAZY! no industry to increase tax base. why should i who is 70 years get a second job to pay my taxes? just today i talked to a couple of teachers who said i should move somewhere else with lower taxes if people cannot see the other side they should not be teachers!

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