Liberty County election results

The following are the early voting results and election day with all boxes reporting. More will be added as new boxes are tallied. Only 11 percent of the 47,857 registered voters in the county voted in this election – 2,880 on election day, 2,431 in early voting and 272 by mail.


Proposition A – 821 for, 2,278 against

Proposition B – 860 for, 2,242 against


For – 439

Against – 493


For – 527

Against – 700


For – 74

Against – 120


  1. My wife and I voted against the Cleveland isd bond because: 1) we think the isd shouldn’t be borrowing money. As taxpayers we have to live on our budget and – interest, if we let it, would be a very bad use of the limited money that comes in to these retirees. 2) I see how cisd spends lots of money on building a new football stadium for their 6 games a year and a new luxury bus instead of using current buses and I wince at the waste of money. 3) I wonder why the bond was for $150m. Do they even have bids for a new school? Is this new school going to cost $150m or is it going to cost $98,541,022 but the board feels a need for a little extra spending money to waste?
    Every year property taxes go up the state maximum of 10% whether your property values are up 10% or down 11%. If cost of living is up 3% why is cost of teaching children up 10%? I would expect the kids to be in the top ranked school in the U.S. for that kind of money.

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