Liberty police investigating robbery of Brink’s truck

Liberty Police Department is investigating a robbery that took place Thursday afternoon at the Wells Fargo Bank on N. Main Street near the Brookshire Brothers parking lot.

According to Lt. Chip Fairchild, a spokesperson for Liberty PD, a black male wearing a mask held up the Brink’s truck as it was filling up the ATM machine in front of the bank.

“We are in the mode right now of figuring out how much cash was stolen,” said Fairchild.

The suspect reportedly fled the scene in a white SUV.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact Liberty PD at 936-336-5666.


  1. That area where the robbery to place always has alot of people around an also a Police Department almost in view of the crime scene. It’s probably a Drug addict or a big city criminal responsible for this.

  2. Cameras are everywhere, even at every stop light, why don’t they post pictures of the white SUV and possibly get a lead from the public?

  3. The camera’s u see on the traffic light poles are for the turning lanes so the control box knows to change signals thats all they do

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